Great Experience With Sai Baba – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee  from India says: I am software engineer working in a big multinational company. I don’t think anytime better than Ramanavami could ever been there for describing my experience encountered recently by the grace of Baba. It happened 2-3 days back when Baba really increased my faith on Him. Just like other companies, my company also undergo a strict appraisal procedure for employees every year. This time was really important and crucial for me unlike other time. I was really tensed as my manager did not give any much positive feedback about our team and hence so has said that this time will be an average year for a better hike in spite of hard work and dedication. I really got upset as i found my hard work is not been paid up properly. 

The day when the final result was to be out, as usual after taking my bath i prayed God simply then suddenly one idea stroked my mind to pick one of the chits which i had kept near Baba written as “YES”, “NO”. I asked Baba shall i be getting good rating this time. In one shot the cheat where “YES” was written was being picked by me. I don’t know but from where i got the confidence and happiness that whatever the situation may be, this time a good rating is awaiting though i was not very sure. Finally the time came when results were out and it was the way Baba had indicated me beforehand. My happiness had no boundaries. When i got to know in detail of my team scenario i found only 4 persons were rated above excellence and i was one of them. I cannot describe the feeling which i had since that day. It was far above the level. Thanks Baba a lot. Please keep Your blessings on me and my Family. Love You Sai


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