Great Miracle Of Sai Ram – Devotee from India

Sai devotee from India says: Hi, Sai Devotees, I started my Nav Guruvar Vrat 9 weeks ago and i would have completed it on 10th July (yesterday) without missing a single week and in continuity. I had done it to relieve my parents of all tensions they have. They are worried about a better job for my younger brother and my marriage as well. My father’s business was suffering from past 3-4 months and few companies had cancelled orders recently. Also my father had played mediator for arranging for a huge amount of loan to a relative without my mother’s knowledge and had shared only with me as mom would get tense and worried. But my father was under great tension.

I finished my last Thursday Pooja in the morning before office and I wanted to go to Sai Temple in the evening after office and do the Udyapan and purchase books to give my friends who wanted to do the Vrat from next week onwards. When I started from office at 5 PM, it started pouring heavily and after having big issues in finding auto and bus, it took me nearly 3 hours to reach a place near my house from where I would have to take another auto. I was sure I would not be able to visit Temple that day and give my Dakshina and that made me very upset, because temple is 2.5 kms from my house and it was already 8:15 PM and still raining.


I got down from the bus and was walking on the footpath to be able to cross the road when the traffic stopped. A man with a stick and cloth bag was walking in front of me with a limp. He was dressed in a blue checked “Lungi” and a white kurti. After about strutting behind him for 4 minutes, I finally crossed him when he stepped aside. I couldn’t make myself hurry him up as he was limping, somehow I glanced at in from the corner of my eye and he caught my glance and indicated him to give him something as he was hungry. I was shocked as it was a Thursday and it was a Muslim Fakir and there were so many people crossing him from front but he asked money only to me. I gave him 10 rupees and went home. I felt relaxed as if I couldn’t go to my Baba to give Dakshina, maybe he came to me.

My faith got reinforced the next day. The man who borrowed the 15 lakhs came and returned it on Friday, it was pending from 5 months. My brother’s salary of 2 months was pending and the Steel plant where he works as an engineer is in loss there was no guarantee when the salary would come, It was credited on the same day. One of my father’s business customer had cancelled the order about 6 months back, on the suggestion of some corrupted employees of his. He came back the same day apologizing and requesting for new quotation from my father to place new orders. He sacked all the corrupted employees and got to know that their reports were false and influenced by others. Most importantly, an income tax refund of about 1.5 lakhs wasexpected by my father. However only 45k had come earlier. My father was down and depressed as he waswaiting for the refund to be able to process some repairs in our home. On Friday morning a check of 98k also arrived at our home address from the income tax department. Last Friday I was very touched and moved by Baba’s Leela.

Have patience anything is possible. Now just one problem is left, hope Baba also takes care of that soon enough. I have promised I will visit Shirdi once the last problem is taken care of. I have faith it will. I am sharing this experience so that others can benefit from it too. Om Sai Ram! Om Sai Ram!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing this. Though i’ve been suffering from so many problems but i have full faith on sai baba, he’ll definitely listen my prayer.


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