How Baba Helped me to unite with my Spouse – Devotee from USA

Sai  Devotee from US says: Hi All- I am a devotee from Georgia and I have been a devotee of Baba from a few months and I have experienced a couple of miracles or experiences and I am posting two of such experiences. Please keep my name and email address anonymous. 

I have been living in Georgia with my husband after wedding for around 1.5 years and my husband’s project here got over and he had to go back to India. We requested for another project and any kind of project extension if possible and tried a lot to see if he can get any project here and he could not find one. With broken heart, I had to stay back in Georgia and allow my husband to go back till he found 1 more project. Months passed and this separation from him was unbearable. I prayed to Lord Sai Baba day and night to take pity on him and me. I also started the nine Thursday’s Vrat and completed it successfully. After around 1.5 months after completing the nine Thursday’s fast my husband was able to visit Shirdi and a few weeks after that, miraculously he was able to visit me back in Georgia and we have been staying now together for a few months. Not sure when his current project will be over and he will have to go back again, but I want to thank Baba from the bottom of my heart as it was only because of Baba I was able to unite with my husband. Om Sai Ram 

Baba Helped Us During Our Trekking: This is a very small and humble experience. My husband and I decided to go trekking at a falls in North Georgia. It was supposed to be a 2.5 miles round trip trek. But somehow we got confused and made a mistake and parked our vehicle 2 miles behind than where we were supposed to park and this increased the total journey length by walk. My shoe got spoilt on the way adding to the miseries. We somehow reached the end of the trail (one way) after taking multiple breaks while walking uphill. However when we were supposed to come downhill, by that time we were too tired and hoping that somebody kind would offer us a lift downhill as we were too tired by now. An old man, who I believe is none other than Baba came, stopped and offered me and my husband a lift in his car and left us at the bottom of the hill and we were really thankful to him and more importantly to our Baba for helping us. Baba is with us day and night and watching over us. Do not worry and pray to Him and hold on to our Baba. Jai Sai Ram



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