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How Baba saved me from the marriage:  

Sai devotee from India writes: Hello Devotees, I am a professional working for a top MNC in Bangalore and I am a regular devotee of Sai Baba. I am posting this article of experience to tell the people about how Sai saved my life and changed my life. I am narrating this with the hope that many people read this experience and can understand how our Sai always has an eye on the people who love Him & save them from evil. Lillte bit about myslef, Om Sai Ram! I come from middle family. I got married in the year of 2011. When I got married, I used to read baba’s life history which is “Sai Satcharitra” regularly. Unfortunately soon after the marriage my husband & in-laws started harassing me for money. The person I got married to was very abusive person and used to use very filthy or bad language.Life was hell for me with all the harassment. Somehow. I had tolerated him for a long time thinking of things would change for the better in the near future. Day by day, this harassment pain increased and finally I could not take it anymore so decided to take a divorce. In all these tough times, I used to pray Sai to get things better. However,in spite of all the problems/difficulties, there was one little hope in my mind and heart that whatever Sai decides, will be for my best only. During these difficult times, I also went to Shirdi and cried a lot in front of Baba. I did pray baba that whatever He decides as my destiny I will take it.

Shirdi Sai Baba
Shirdi Sai Baba

By Sai Baba’s grace, I got through the divorce case without too many hurdles since my husband started to threatening. I prayed Baba to protect me and my loved ones from that evil. Once the case was over and I received my papers, by Baba’s grace He decided that I should get settled again. I obeyed His wishes. After this mess, I startd visiting Baba’s Temple regularly. I always prayed that whatever He decides for me I accept that as my destiny in life. When I used pray in the temple, being at Baba’s Feet gave me lot of hope. Hardley ithin a year, I found a person and I decided to get married again.With Baba’s help and grace,my husband is a very kind and considerate person and he respects my devotion towards Baba as well.In fact, he joins me to the Temple and does a humble Namasakar to Baba just like I do. What I understood is, baba knows very well what you deserve in life and moral of my expereicne is that , in hard times the only person who can pull you out of any mess you is nothing but our Sai. Now we are planning go to Shirdi and seek Baba’s blessings as a couple. Baba knows how to make people to visit him in shiridi. I feel that we all need to work out our karma in our current lifetime and Baba surely helps us do that. When Sai is with me, I never fear for anyrhing or anybody. “Samarda Sadguru Sai Nath Maha raj ki Jai” Om Sai Ram!.


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