How I Got Cured From Thyroid Cancer – Devotee from USA

Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA says: I am happily married living in USA from past 13 years. From my childhood, I am a very devotional person. I have completed my B.Tech got married to a wonderful person and came to USA. Baba came into my life 10 years back while my husband lost his job and was in search for new job. I read online whoever reads Satcharitra their wishes will be fulfilled, so I started reading book and by Baba’s grace he got good job. From that day till today Baba have done wonderful miracles in our life’s whether its green card or our career. I am dust under Your holy feet please always protect and save Your daughter.

Today, I want to share my experience how Sai Maa cured my thyroid cancer. As there is saying no one in this world is happy. I am blessed with everything except motherhood. From Past 7 years, I am undergoing fertility treatments (IVF) went through miscarriages and not able to conceive. Last year, I miscarried at 9 weeks. Before undergoing next IVF cycle, I went for health check up in Nov. I did my all test (thyroid, sugar) all came back normal. I was going to gym and yoga classes to maintain good health so that I shouldn’t miscarry next time if I conceive and started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat Pooja to get pregnant. On first week of Nav Guruvar Vrat week after coming back from gym when I was brushing my teeth I saw small lump in my thyroid gland I said to my husband something seems to be wrong looks swollen small area in my neck he said its normal and ignored. I thought maybe I am having wisdom tooth problem may be infection is causing swollen so I went ahead scheduled dentist appointment and removed my wisdom tooth still I see swollen. I checked with my friends they also said slightly swollen not to worry just ignore. I didn’t have any problems in swallowing also but still I scheduled appointment in Dec with general physician. He noticed there is small nodule and ordered for ultrasound to see everything is normal with the thyroid gland. I was so much worried about my ultrasound reports.

I was praying to Baba please make sure reports are normal but reports came back saying I have thyroid nodule both left and right one and right one need biopsy since it looks malignant and cancerous. I cried and prayed to Baba why this karma and suffering to me Baba already I am going through lot of pain undergoing fertility treatments. I was praying everyday to make sure my Biopsy reports are normal but still next week biopsy reports came back cancerous. Myself and My husband were in shock. Doctor said they have take out the thyroid gland since its cancerous there is no other way to cure and I have to be on lifelong thyroid medication. I have never heard about thyroid cancer anywhere but read online Google and heard there is risk of losing voice when they do that surgery. Myself and my husband were worried about surgery, I was doing my 7th week Nav Guruvar Vrat and prayed to Sai Maa. I have to suffer my past karma I know at least please show best surgeon who can do surgery and take out the gland and save me so that I can sing Your songs.

On 9th Thursday I got appointment with best surgeon. I knew it was planned by Baba since anything happens on Thursday I think as positive sign from Baba when I met that surgeon he spoke to me for one hour and said he will take care two surgeons will do surgery one will control voice nerve and other will take out gland no need to worry. I was so relieved and went ahead scheduled for surgery. I was praying daily to Baba and before surgery I applied Udi and went ahead for surgery. Surgery was on April 21st at 7:30 in the morning. Before going to surgery I went to Baba temple morning to take His blessings and went to hospital. By Saimaa grace, after three hours of surgery doctor came back and said to my husband surgery went fine. Around 12:30 I came out of ananesthesiaI was able to talk to my husband then I thanked Sai Maa and spoke to my mom on phone. Doctor were worried about calcium levels everything was normal next day itself they discharged me. Today after one week of surgery, I am happily writing about my Sai Maa experience. My only wish is Baba please always protect and guide me. Sai Maa I am planning to visit Shirdi this November and I am sure already You would have planned for my trip. After my visit to Shirdi next year, I will do my last IVF left over cycle please bless me with motherhood Baba. If not we are planning to go back to India and adopt a child whatever decision I am happy Baba.


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