How I Got Out of Depression – A Sai Devotee Expereince

How I Got Out of Depression: Baba Devotee Story!:

Here is the experience of Sai Devotee who explains ” How I Got Out of Depression”.

Om Sai Ram!

I am one of among Many Sai devotee, I want to share my story to strengthen Faith in Shree Sai Baba. I always believe in God but never in any particular one as Sai Baba says Saibaka Malik ek. I started to lean toward Saibaba because My Mother and My Sister are their devotees and started do Sai Pooja on every Thursday. I felt like Baba always wanted that but maybe I was not ready. I have been to Shirdi a few times before as I go to Any temple I didn’t know much about Baba then. First time I read Sai Charitra when I was pregnant and that’s how I got to know more about Our Saibaba’s life and lessons He wants his devotees to learn.

Past 3 years have been challenging for me as I was experiencing a few health symptoms that are very disturbing, scary and was affecting my physical, mental and emotional health. I am always praying to Baba to be with me and help me through this. I was becoming impatient and worried all the time so much so that couldn’t enjoy anything with my family. I started to feel depressed and detached from everyone, even my little kids. I was praying and cried and talk to Baba for so many nights, to give me some sign at least a message in a dream that everything is fine but Nothing.
I read Saicharitra so that I get some peace and strength to get through all these but was still restless. somehow a thought came in my mind that if I go to Dwarkamai everything will be fine. I haven’t been to India in Nine years and wasn’t planning since I don’t have any near family In India and also kids have school. As we know that Baba knows everything he heard my prayers and out of nowhere things happened in such a way that my Husband asks me do u want to go India I have 12 days off at work? Of course, I said and cried that night because I know It was Baba who was calling me. Everything with kids school and pick up and drop worked out.
We left for India.

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As we went only for a few days and I also wanted to visit my 93-year-old deteriorating grandmother I was worried if everything will work out but we were able to reach Shirdi as plan with our friends and get into the line as nowadays there are lots of Baba’s bhakt were visiting Shirdi we didn’t know how much time we going to get with Baba but We entered the main samadhi mandir they closed the gate for an hour for something which I don’t remember but we were the last batch so I knew we were going to get a few extra minutes with BaBa in all the rush. As we were waiting in line chanting Baba’s name I felt as Baba’s Pratima was leaning on the side and trying to look at me just the same way I was trying to look at Baba from the line and being impatient to reach to Baba’s feet. This experience was divine can’t explain in words. I had taken chadava for Baba and Silver Paduka to offer in a rush we forgot to give chadava but I did offer Paduka which the Pandora touched it to Baba’s feet and gave it back to me I feel so blessed.

After Samadhi temple we went to Dwarkamai where I wanted to sit for a while with BaBa but there were lots of people and no place to sit I got little disappointed and had to leave but after having little juice when we were passing by Dwarkamai again it had no line and only a few people sitting. I went back inside and sit there for a while had a talk with my Baba as I wanted. After this, I was kind of satisfied with my journey though I also wanted to visit Landy Baugh and other places we had to rush back as we had a long journey back home and had 2 little kids with us who were tired and hungry and I didn’t want to trouble them. I was just so Happy to be able to set my foot in Shirdi and pray my Baba one more time.

After my visit to Shirdi, I felt strange peace and less raging thoughts in my mind. I know My Sai Baba is with me all the time and everything will be fine.

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