How Sai Baba Helped me to get a Closure

Om sai ram!, today we are presenting one of the devotees story about how Sai Baba helped her.

Sai Baba is always with us, his devotees. Sometime we get doubts but the truth is if one has truly tried to reach out to him, they will never be disappointed.

So this happened to me recently. We had a school reunion after twenty years where i met the guy who once was interested in me. In school days he used to talk to me everyday and was the first guy in true tense to make me feel very nice and great. But due to his geeky n a little wierd nature, i could never really see him as a lover. So i turned him down. This did not go well with him and he decided to cut off all ties with me and leave a bad taste. I knew he was a really good guy but i knew i didnot want to play with his emotions as well.

Fast forward, I meet him after twenty years with his wife n kids and my husband and kids. It was the first time we hugged in life and met like good friends. Everything was great and nice but as and when the evening and revelry started old memories came back. I saw him changed into a smart responsible guy with his own firm in new york. I must admit there was a tinge of regret but more than that i suddenly missed the way we used to talk. I guess with passage of time, one is only left with good memories. All this happened and despite me feeling drawn towards him, i could not really spend much time with him. I kept in looking for hints if he too felt the same.

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Shirdi Sai Nath.
Shirdi Sai Nath.

The reunion finished and we came back home. But I continued to feel for him. I wanted some more time to enjoy his company. One day I felt very sad and started praying to Sai Baba if he could call me back and if we could continue the friendship. I cried n cried n prayed. Suddenly admist my hopelessness i saw a car pass by with sai babas picture on it. I knew my prayers were answered. I was now happy and full of hopes that i will soon get a call or email from him to reaffirm his likeness for me. But i did not get any. I was disappointed and felt like this was the worst things in life.

I had kept this episode somewhere at the background of my mind. Then suddenly this month i get to hear that he is in town and wants to meet us all. Long story short. This time I met him in a closed group with very few people. Yes my husband and other friends were present but I am glad I had enough time to catch up. We hugged four times when we met and at the time of departure and each hug was nice and warm. Like it really meant something nice to him. I felt greatly cherished by this guy whom I once had rejected. I felt a deep connection and a closure.

Sai Baba would have known my sorrow and thought that the best way to give me closure would have been if we could meet face to face. Thus, he never let that email or call take place. There was something more wonderful in store for me.

I feel extremely blessed and happy today. I truly feel that my prayers are answered. Thank you baba for your kindness. Thank you baba for looking at me and for your grace. That’s all folks about how Sai Baba helped.

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