How Sai Baba Saved My Life – Sai Devotee from India

How Sai Baba Saved My Life:

Devotee Experience: Anonymous Sai Devotee from India writes: Dear all Sai devotees, I had been started praying Shirdi Sai from  year of 2011. Actually, Sai entered in  our family since 2008, but I have started to pray Baba only in 2011.It happened after my neighbour aunty took us to Sai Bhajans and I was attached to our beloved god. I have realized that without ‘Sai’ there is  no universe.After becoming Sai devotee, I felt really happy.All devotees should bow to his Lotus Feet, he will run the show in right direction. Now, let me brief about things happened in my life; During my college days, I loved a guy and everything was perfectly going, I has introduced this guy to my mother and she too liked him. We decided to get married once we settle in life. Sai deva entered my life and made me realize that how bad the guy whom I was in love with.

Sai Miracle
Sai Miracle

I came to know that he loved me only for my money that I earned and apart from that before marriage itself he ordered me to leave my parents and come with him. He also want all my earnings to him and leave my family. I had decided to leave him but he started blackmailing me in worst way. I prayed Baba that no one else should undergo what I was suffering. Whatever we do, he was not ready to compromise, I even scolded Baba for giving me such a big trouble. Finally, I prayed Sai and told Him that only he can solve my problems and no one else, and completely surrendered at His Feet. Slowly everything was setting back to normal, because of Sai Appa’s grace,that guy went from life. Afterwards, Baba showed me my life partner who also happens to be Sai devotee and I got married this new guy in November 2014 and my life is much happier than I expected since then. I  did visit Shirdi in February 2015 because of my husband and mother. Sai Baba, I always surrender myself at Your Feet. I like to tell everyone, please have patience and faith on Sai Baba, He will never let us down, He knows the best future to give us and he also knows what is better for us. “Sri Satchidhanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai” sai bless you all.


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