How Sai Changed our Life – Devotee from India

Shirdi Sai came into our life 6 months back (December 2014) at the time of my sister marriage break up. My sister works in IT. We were searching groom for her since from 4 years and it got fixed in august with guy who was from good family. We were so happy that after long time my sister marriage got fixed. By God’s grace my elder brother’s marriage also got fixed with the girl who is Baba’s devotee. Both of their marriage date got fixed which was on March 09. I was being working in IT company was very happy thinking that my brother and sister got settled in life. At home gradually they started looking for guy for me and my dad keep on following on those things. I was not happy as wrong things started happening with my sister. I came to know that my sister is not happy with the guy as they both were completely incompatible in nature. She started crying daily and was slowly getting depressed. As the time started moving, issue went very serious. The guy was not at all interested in marriage and he rarely used to call her and never came to meet her in the span of two months. Finally it was broken up.

The whole family happiness turned into sorrowfulness. At the right time our Sai entered into our life showing His presence in dreams. Earlier we haven’t heard His name also. We started following Him blindly. So many miracles happened in our life Once Sai Came into our life. I am posting one great miracle of how Sai arranged my sister wedding at the right time keeping all our family members wish. We both started Sai Guruvar Vrat and used to visit His temple every Thursday. As the last Thursday Vrat day was coming near, there was lot of peace in mind and there were no clashes at home due to Baba’s grace. Then in the mean time we got Sai Udi and Sai Satcharitra book. I did one Saptah and my sister did two Saptah of Sai Satcharitra. Life was slowly kept on changing in a positive way. Sai assured my sister that He will arrange her wedding by coming in her dream and showing His presence in Mehandi ceremony. Good Proposals were coming for her but nothing was getting finalised. It went for couple of months. My sister got an answer from Sai website that her wedding will be fixed in the time of Ramanavami.

The day came finally when guy from very good family came to see my sister. We got yes from guy’s side. Engagement discussion was going on Ramanavami!! We had 100% faith on Sai that He will arrange my sister wedding and prayed whatever let it to happen but my sister marriage should finalize on May 25 which is my birthday date. This prayer was like asking my birthday gift from Sai. Sai listened to my prayer and my sister marriage date got fixed on my birthday. My elder brother’s marriage was fixed on June 15 and at my home they finalized my sister wedding on the same day. My sister was not so happy as there was no time to understand a guy. She was not so happy as Just 3 weeks were left out for her wedding. She didn’t shop anything for her wedding and she didn’t go out with her fiancée and just met him twice. Everything went out in hurry. She was nervous to get married.

In the mean time her job was in critical situation and got warning mail to resign. Things were getting worst but i was waiting what Sai will do at end as His dreams and words cannot go untrue!! In-between He taught us to learn Vishnu Sahsranaam. I started visiting Srinivas and Sai temples every day and begged like to bring back my sister happiness. Finally On June 15 my sister’s wedding happened. Miraculously wedding celebrations went smoothly and happily. Internally i was worried how my sister life would be after marriage. But Sai never left us. My sis went her husband home on the same day. After two days i got call from her, she said her husband is so caring and good and even in-laws are very good. They are taking care of her like queen. I waited for 4 and half years to hear these words from her. Now we all are happy at home. My wish came true and Sai brought back our family happiness. I can’t imagine life without Sai and i pray Sai to be with us always. Om Sai Ram. Om Sai Ram


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