How Sai Helped In Curing Cancer – A Devotee Story

How Sai Helped In Curing Cancer and Surgery:

Today, let us remember Shirdi Sai Baba by reading his devotee experience of “How Sai Helped In Curing Cancer”.

I would like to thank everyone for doing this seva of publishing sai miracles to enhance the trust of other sai devotees. Here comes my experience which is really a miracle of my father Sai Baba. I am a cancer survivor and am 33 years old. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 32. When I was diagnosed I was not aware of Sai baba even though I have an idol of sai ma in my pooja room. In the year 2018 at the month of May, I have observed a big lump in my thyroid gland. I checked with the doctor and after doing a biopsy they told me to go for a surgery to remove one side of the affected thyroid gland. I have very good family support inclusive of my husband, Sister family, and my parents. I have undergone the surgery at the month of July and after surgery doctors have announced it as a Cancer in the thyroid glands. So they asked us to remove the other side of the thyroid gland also. Other than my parents my younger sister is a blessing from God. She is married and she was with me from day 1 of my suffering. Everyone in my family shattered when they came to know that it is cancer and I have to undergo a second surgery to remove the other side of the gland in neck within 2 weeks of the first surgery was done. My sister was crying to every god in the pooja room to give strength to me to accept and undergo the happenings. Sometimes she will be angry and yell at gods thinking that none of the gods helped us. When I was waiting for the second surgery to happen my sister was scrolling through the Facebook and she came to know about the healing miracles of Sai. She went to sai in my pooja room and asked Sai that we were not getting help from other gods, please help us in this situation to come out of it successfully and then she took the sai baba idol and hugged it and cried.

Before going to surgery my sister told me to chant Sai mantra “Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai” for 18 times minimum. I myself also started chanting it. My husband went to book the surgery in the hospital and he booked for afternoon timeslot. Once he returned back from the hospital in the evening we got a call from the hospital saying that the evening timeslot was not available and they asked us to take the morning timeslot and asked us to get admitted in next 2 hours. So we rushed to the hospital and got admitted. It was a Thursday morning I have undergone the surgery as per my karma. Once after my surgery, I was taken back to the general ward and my mother and sisters husband went to have their lunch in the nearby hotel. When they completed their lunch and came out of the hotel there was a old fakir crossed my family members. He came back to my sisters husband and asked something in a language which we are not aware of. My sisters husband shown the hospital to him and told that my sister in law is not well and admitted to the hospital so please pray for her.T he old Fakir asked money to my sisters husband. He gave around 50 rupees to the fakir and the next moment the fakir gave a Sai baba photo and 16 rupees in my sisters husbands hand. At the time we were not at all aware of the dakshina things which sai usually asks his devotees.

Shirdi Sai Baba.
Shirdi Sai Baba.

When my mom and sisters husband returned back to me they have narrated the event to me and shown the photo to me. I was in awe as the sai photo looked very real that I felt the presence of Sai ma near me. Suddenly my sisters husband took his hand and kept in my head for sometime. At that time I felt a great relief.M y heart was at peace. From that time sai accepted us as his children and we are in his safe circle. If the second surgery timeslot would have not changed to the morning we would have not met the fakir. So we realised that everthing was planned by Sai ma only. Once we digged much about the Sai satcharitha and details about the sai experiences we came to know that sai had only 16 rupees in his pockets after his mahasamadhi. This made us realise that the fakir who came for us is none other than my father Sai mavoole(Mother god). In these 8 months, my family members experienced so many miracles of Sai and the following one increased the faith we had on sai to an infinite one.

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I am a member of the mahaparayan group. Following is my experience once I have started the Mahaparayan.
Once after my surgery last week I went for the follow up after 6 months and in the neck ultrasound scan, they found 2 suspicious enlarged lymph nodes which has shown each and every characteristics of malignancy. So the doctors doubted that I may have one more new cancer. Doctors ordered for a biopsy and I have undergone a biopsy. The waiting time for biopsy results were 3 days. Again our heart was shattered, but we never left the faith in our Sai. Yesterday I got back the biopsy report saying that due to some infection the lymph nodes were enlarged and it was not any other CANCER and nothing to be worried. During this time I got a message from sai saying that ” This is your testing time and you will come out of it successfully”.Love u Sai ma. I would like to tell each and every sai children here that Sai will always
give you what is good for you. Once you enter into Sai’s circle ur faith and patience will take you much near to Saima. During ur difficult times he will guide you. As per Sai, I would like to be a devotee who retain as a fully developed mango in Saimas Mango tree and not to be a undeveloped flower or a fruit.

Its been only 6 to 7 months that we came to know about Sai and at this point of time i feel like I have spent 32 years of my life wastefully not knowing about my guardian angel Saima.

Om Sai Ram Appave Saranam.

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