How Sai Helped Us In Finding South Faced Hanuman Idol In Order To Cure My Mom

Anonymous devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee and I prostrate in the Lotus Feet Of Sai Baba.

Om Sai Ram,

I came to know Baba in 2007, however I did not have firm faith in Him. I used to see His photo at most of the places, but I was not aware that seeing His photo is equivalent to having His darshan. So I was visiting His temple just like other God or Goddess’ temple. I did not have much faith in Him. Recently when my mom was diagnosed with incurable disease, cancer. I was completely shattered. When doctor told methat there is no hope then that time I felt that why this happened to me, how will I be able to live without my mom.

One day suddenly at my home I saw Baba’s picture and tears rolled down my eyes. I started crying loudly in front of Baba’s photo. After a few days one of our relatives told us about an government employee who was once a cancer patient and he cured himself by taking the help of astrology.
Luckily we got a chance to meet him. My father and I met him and showed my mother’s horoscope. Post consultation, he asked us to visit south facing Hanuman Idol and collect the sindoor from His feet and apply daily on mother’s forehead.
We were not aware of such temple in our locality and while we were discussing about the temple and my father was driving, to our surprise we had lost our way and got into a area which was totally new to us. While searching for the correct route we reached one temple. By the blessing of Sai we had reached the temple which we were looking for.

We were really happy after seeing the south facing hanuman idol but we were sad the next minute when we saw that there were not a single pinch of sindoor on idol’s feet. Around the temple there were no shops where we could buy sindoor. When we were figuring out what to do next, we saw a lady entering into the temple. I asked the lady if we can get some sindoor from her. While asking this I was also praying to Baba. Then that lady told me yes why not and she went to bring sindoor for us. She brought one full box. I asked her to give me little, but she said no you take the whole box. She also said that she was sleeping and suddenly she woke up and came to see that whether the main gate of the temple is closed properly or not, and she also said because of God grace only we met otherwise this time she never visit the temple. I thanked that lady and I thought of giving her some money. But at that time my father had 500 rupees and we had no change. We went to one small shop to ask whether they have change of 500rs or not, but he said no.

I told the lady that at this point of time I don’t have change, and then she said no problem next time when you come you can give me. I asked the lady what’s your name? Then she said no one knows me, but next time when you visit you can ask for my father in-law, his name is trilokinath. Which I later came to know that its actually one of the names of our beloved Baba.


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