How Sai Saved My Married Life – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: I am Priya, a regular reader of this blog and an ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai . I have been blessed by Baba numerous times for the past 12 months. I have also been to Shirdi recently due to His blessing. I want to share this personal experience regarding relationships, because I want His devotees to know that He will stand by them however hard the situation is and will transform the same. I am married for the past 7 years and have a child too. Due to some circumstances, especially due to bad karma or due to career choices I had to stay away from my husband for nearly 4 years. He keeps visiting us in between his work. I wanted to pursue some studies and got busy with my child and studies too. As a woman, I felt a very deep void inside me, due to the lack of emotional and mental support from my husband. We were very close to each other, but I did not have him beside my side when I needed him the most. It took a toll on me and I had to depend on friends mostly to get my work done. It was pain for me When I saw that even after a child is born, there was no possibility of my husband returning to India. He works in abroad for most of his clients.
I found a friend whom I liked a lot, due to his genuineness and respect for women. He used to take me to temples and his home and I loved spending time with his mom too. Slowly I started feeling otherwise for his home and mom. I insisted often that I want to go to his home, to be with his mom and spend time with them. I felt very peaceful in their home and wished the same atmosphere at my place too. I used to feel that my home is a hell, without people and I stayed with my child and maids. Without love and affection, no place can become a home too to live. My friend understood my pain and tried his best to cheer me up. Eventually we fell in love with each other, but he always had my husband in mind. He insisted that I should always be a good wife and mother. I was happy that I found love, but I did not know if it’s right or not. I also cried to him many times please marry me later, but he used to say that he will remain with me always as a friend forever. I spent 1.5 year like this, but slowly realised that this can’t be forever.

Whenever my husband returned I found myself very different. How can I laugh, talk, touch and feel him now? I could not bear being between two men. My husband noticed a change in me and asked me about it. I confessed to him that I like my friend, but I told him that only I love him. My husband understood everything and apologised that he was not there with me to take care of me and had lost my love. I felt very bad as my husband was feeling miserable too. He did not get angry at me, he was shocked, but he realised that he was not there for me too and deserved this. He told me to marry my friend whenever I want to. I told my husband that we are in India and not in West. We took a decision to move out of the country for 6 months. In a foreign country, I missed my friend the most. The separation was unbearable for me. He also felt the same, but for my happiness he let me go. He is a wonderful person and also wanted me to settle things between me and my husband.

I wept for months, as I did not want this kind of married life. I wanted to have a normal marriage, but never thought that I would end up having an affair. I started prayers to Baba as well as other Gods. But I was drawn towards Baba the most. I began watching His serial episodes daily and felt so calm daily. Slowly all my pain was gone and within months me and my husband began to feel for each other. Initially, I told my husband that I can never forget my friend and will only say for 6 months or so, especially for our child. But it is only due to Baba’s power that the whole strained relationship changed and we became normal with each other. Some may wonder how? It’s a wonder to me too. My husband never took my friend’s name anytime, nor did I. I prayed to Baba to please send someone for my friend too in his life. Within months, both of us found our true partners. Me and my husband patched up, and we took a decision never to leave each other anymore. We regularly began visiting Baba temple and we started a weekly schedule of making something for Baba every Thursday and distributing at temple. I felt very lighter at heart, because Baba occupied most of my heart now. My friend too found his partner, a doctor and intends to marry her. Due to Baba, there is a complete change in all 3 of us. I don’t have any sort of feelings for my friend other than friendship, and he also respects me like that only. Both of us are happy now as friends, and my husband completely trusts me too. I visited India in between and my husband completely trusted me that I will never fall in love again with my friend, even if I meet him.

Such a kind of transformation in our relationship was only possible due to Baba’s grace. He gave me the strength to overcome an affair and He set my family life back on track again. My husband has never hurt me anytime at all by raking the past. We do fight over issues, but he never rakes my past relation and for this I respect him the most. I thank Baba everyday for giving me a wonderful husband. It was my bad karma that I suffered separation and made a mistake in it. But as I surrendered to Him completely, He transformed everything. He is a real miracle maker and a wonderful event manager. I did not want to share this experience as this was too personal. I was wondering should I or should I not? But Baba gave me an indication through an experience posted on July 4th, 2014 that was similar to mine. I hope it is needed to guide people in some way. I request devotees to surrender to Him completely. He is ever alive and is ever-loving. He understood my pain that all I wanted truly in a relationship was true love and affection only. I had the guilt too that I entered someone’s life and left a scar in the name of love. But prayers to Baba healed him too and he also found his partner. I feel scared to even think how future would have been if I had not resorted to Baba. I would have spoilt my life, my husband’s, my child as well as my friend’s life. Baba saved all 4 lives and He only knows what is best. Whatever the relation is, He would solve it for us, if we are true and sincere. Om Sai Ram


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