I love My Sai – Devotee from Malaysia

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says: I am from Malaysia. I was introduced to Sai Bhagvan in 2011, but became really devoted to Him in mid 2012. Since then I feel Sai’s presence with me always. I would like to share my experience with all Sai devotees to make them realize that even if Sai does not fulfill our wishes in spite of doing Vrat and other forms of fast and prayers, we should not give up our faith and belief on Him. 

I was secretly praying to Sainath for a job in Mumbai India for my husband. One day there was a call from a company in Mumbai looking for someone of my husband capabilities. Everything was fine and an interview was arranged. While all this was happening, I was very happy realizing that Sai has listened to my prayer and did a miracle. Top of that, I was very sure he will get the job because this is a gift from Lord Sainath. I was so much confident that I assured my husband it is for him only. Sai always says, I will not leave my devotees half way in the middle. He attended the meeting and was told will be informed before the week end. It was Monday. Thursday came, I did my prayers and told Sai if You are with me then let the company call and gave good result. 

My husband received a mail that day, but they did not offer him the job because there was some area where his expertise is limited. My husband told me the news. I was disappointed that moment. My dream of being close to land where Sai was born and hope of visiting Shirdi often from Mumbai was dashed. Later I came to my sense and accepted the fact that we can only request but what Lord Sainath has for us is entirely different. My prayer is not answered but not a bit of my faith is shaken. As I write this, I still love Sai as much as before and I am very sure He will show some other ways soon. He is part of me and I pray that not a single moment will pass without remembering our loving Lord Sai. Sai please be with me, hold my hand and guide me to the right path. Om Sai Ram. 



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