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Love Sai, Rest will be Taken Care – Devotee from India

Sai Devotee from India says: I am just as everyone here lovely child of Baba, from Bangalore. This is just not an experience but this shows how Baba takes care of His loved ones at every point of time. I just want to narrate how i felt His presence. I am just an average student doing my bachelors in finance, it so happened that one of the MNC’s came to our college to choose students for a training program, and the cut off was 75%. I did not have 75% but somehow without letting my faculty know that i don’t have i gave my name. Next day the coaching/training started. I asked my teacher whether they crosschecked the names with % of marks, she said the list of names made us feel that by default these students will have 75%. I kept silent thanked Baba and joined. 

6 months passed we had a test and we were given marks on various aspects and the cut off for this was 60%. The list came after 6 months. I had 58% but my Baba is great, after 58% the next student has 50% and there was a huge difference. They somehow selected me and i moved on to further rounds. 1st one was aptitude test and we need to score 50% in the test out of 15 my score was 7 and i don’t know why they elected me. I moved on to the HR round, then technical round. In technical round i lost hopes on me, but “i was very confident that when i did not even deserve this training session i got into it and how come i will go empty hands without a job from here. My Baba is beside me and He will take care of me.” and the same thing happened i was moved on to the further round that is managerial round and i cracked it. Out of 240 students only 11 got selected and i am one among them. I would like to say to all my Sai sisters and brothers that if you have faith in Baba you will surely get what u desire, if at all you don’t deserve it. Thank you for reading it. May Baba bless you all. Sai Ram edit where needed. Thank you admin team for coming up with such a wonderful E-Satcharitra. Om Sai Ram!.

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