Finally Marriage Took Place – Sai Devotee from India

“Shree Sachitanand Shree Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai”.

Devotee from India writes: I am very happy to post my experience on this site. I became a “sai” devotee since march 2015. Near to our house, we have a sai temple. Every thursday, people from long distance come there to attend aarti. I also went for 2/3 thursdays and I told my problem to sai baba, and asked him for help and guidance, for my younger brother’s marriage. Before becoming devotee of “sai”, I had been praying all other god’s for help and nothing was moving, days were just passing on and some or the other obstacle use to come and so marriage was not happening. Around 3 years, we were searching for a bride.

Sai Miracles
Sai Miracles

After I prayed to sai baba and told him that I will do 5 guruvar vrat. But baba is great and he always shows the path to his devotee. As one day I was in the temple, I saw a book of 9 guruvar vrat wherein everything was mentioned about the vrat and katha of the vrat was also there. I read completely and understood that baba want me to do this vrat, as I was only going to do 5 guruvar, I changed my mind and started to do 9 guruvar vrat from 2 nd of april 2015. I requested sai to call me to shirdi for his darshan and to my miracle, one saturday, we immediately decided to go to shirdi. We had a very nice darshan of sai baba there and after darshan we were moving in the market, I thought of buying sai baba idol and sai satcharitra book. This all was happening because baba was telling me to do this from my inner soul. I was very happy to do all this things.

Sai Baba Blessings
Sai Baba Blessings

My inner soul was telling me to read sai satcharitra in 7 days and on the last day, offer food and donate something in the temple. As baba want me do all this, I was happily doing it. My 9 guruvar vrat completed on 4th of june and with the grace of sai, my younger brother’s marriage took place on 27 th of august 2015. You all will not imagine, but we all family members had lost hope of his marriage. He also was very much frustrated and said that now I do not want to get married.But sai baba is just very great, by his blessings all impossible things becomes possible .I trust him and I know that he will always answer to my prayers.
Thank you very much for everything that has given to me – sai-baba.

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  1. Please Sairam help me to get a nice man who understands me, truely loves me and cares about me. I have been trying hard to select a guy which is not happening since many years. Please please help me to get married . Om Sairam


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