Miracle in my Life – Sai Devotee from India

Om sai ram! I am a devotee of Saibaba since 2013. I have experienced various Sai baba miracles now I would like to share one of the experience. Sai baba blessed me with a baby boy who is just 10 days old suddenly had some breathing problem after feeding. We took him to the hospital and there doctors couldn’t figure out what’s happening with him. They took all possible painful tests and said that he needs to be admitted in the hospital and monitored for 48hrs. Me and my husband was scared to death by seeing the baby struggle. We prayed to saibaba for his Heath. Slowly after 24hrs he was starting to get better by sai baba’s blessings. All the test results came out normal after 48hrs of observation. I just want to thank saibaba for giving him strength to fight through this. Please saibaba shower your blessings on our family give my son good health and help me takecare of him. My son was discharged from the hospital and now he looks fine all by bsba’s grace. ” why fear when am here”. On sai ram!!


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