Miracle In My Life – Sai Devotee from USA

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says: Me, my husband our little daughter we named her Sai Swetha and we are expecting a new arrival for our family. I am in my 5th month now. We need Baba’s blessings for our whole family, our daughter. She is only 4 but she is a sincere devotee of Baba. She calls Him Baba Jeji. I can’t express through words as how we love Baba. Exactly I don’t know when me and my family were blessed by Him to be our Baba’s devotees. I started first, my brother followed me, next my father. After marriage when we were in India, we used to go to Eechambakkam Temple. That way my husband was also blessed to be His devotee. We strongly believe that we can never reach Baba or even His idol or a dream without His permission. It’s Him the Guru who selects His devotees. I have experienced so many miracles. All my relatives thought me different but Baba stayed with me. He’s always with me and to teach them a lesson, Baba changed them and even they started worshiping Baba, nothing else I want. Now they too pray Him.

One day we went to Baba’s Temple and we gave Baba Golusu. I prayed that I will, so we did. That night we came home and the next day was Thursday. During Thursday I used to make Prasadam for Baba. Me and my kid was only in home, and no one else. I cried to Baba and said Him, see Baba all are criticizing me and I should now know whether You are hearing all these I am so hurt. Then I finished Pooja with the bell sound and when I bowed down to His feet I clearly heard the Golusu sound perfectly very behind me. The sound reached our Pooja room. I was so scared. I wished to turn but I can’t. I was filled with tears out of joy. Then i realized I didn’t speak anything to my relatives, Baba Himself thought them a lesson. We are in United States now. There in India all my relatives went to Shirdi, but we did not. I think Baba didn’t call us yet. All the relatives whom I said above they too went to see Baba, how pure, how kind and how He showed mercy to them. After my delivery here we are planning to go to India at that time we will surely go to Shirdi. Baba should bless us for our travel. Likewise I have seen many times Baba’s presence in my home. A true devotee can feel Him, can feel His fragrance. Baba You know how Swetha prays You and loves You. Daily she asks for one thing since I am conceived please Baba hear her praying. I know strongly Baba will fulfill her wish. I will post the wish by May 27 because we get the results that day. Jai Sai Ram


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