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Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram and all devotees of Baba. I have experienced Baba’s miracles and want to share with you all to strengthen our faith even more in Baba. We say “Nothing is Impossible”. But Sai Baba leaves His children unanswered is truly impossible. With all respect and love for Baba, I feel blessed to have so many miracles in my life to be shared with you all. Because I have so many meaningful experiences, I have wantedly keeping them as short as possible. My experiences go as: Baba chose last year Jun’2011 as the time to make me His devotee.

Thanks for this blog  for creating such a wonderful platform to capture sai devotee experiences.

Sai Miracles
Sai Miracles

Experience-1: It was just the 6th day that I became Baba’s devotee that a miracle happened in my life. I was on my way to office during the peak hours. My car suddenly got stopped exactly at a point from where the flyover gets started. I tried every possible way to get it again started but of no use. I just remembered Baba and suddenly 4 boys came in to my rescue and pushed my car under the flyover where the car repairing shops were there. To add to the difficulties, it was a Friday and all the shop owners were Muslim brothers, causing the shops closed in the morning time. Suddenly a shop owner came in and said he had to open the shop to pick his stuffs. I requested him to help me and he agreed. He asked me to sit in his shop meanwhile. I entered his shop and to my utter surprise, there was a huge calendar with Baba’s huge Picture on it smiling as always, as if assuring me that He is with me always. Not to say that surely my car got started after repair.

Experience-2: The biggest pain of my current life for which i am praying every second of my life, Baba has taken care of that till date in some sense. I got lifesaving news related to this area of pain on 5/6th Jan’2012, and then got to know that Baba Himself showed up His presence to all His devotees by emerging on the wall of Dwarkamai.

Experience-3: My mother in the month of Nov’2011 suddenly got a very acute pain in her right shoulder. The pain was so unbearable that my mother (who has never shed a single tear throughout her life) cried and asked us to get her admitted to the hospital. I prayed Baba to please help us in some way and relieve her from this pain in a day time (within 24 hours). I also said if this would be heard, I would keep 9 Thursday fasts. Next moment my father suggested her for such a doctor who we had totally forgotten and who is the only one in our knowledge who could treat that pain immediately. Next day we went to that doctor and in less than 24 hours, my mother was completely alright. As promised I kept the 9 Thursday fasts.

Experience-4: I am working in software in one of the  MNC. Suddenly I lost the project on which I was working. I was also looking for a job change since last few weeks. I started my 9 Thursday fasts praying Baba for a nice job change. I got a call from a company’s HR directly on next Thursday for a face to face round 2 days later (Saturday). Due to some reasons, I asked her to reschedule it to next week to which she replied very positively. I was content that I’ll get a call. A month passed by and I got no calls. Again on a Thursday I called her myself and she again said that luckily another interview drive has been arranged for many people 2 days later and I can also join in. I was surprisingly happy. I attended the interview, in which they were looking for 2 skills, one out of which am expert in, but had never worked on the other skill. I came back with a neutral mindset. I did not get any calls further for 2-3 weeks. I again called up the HR (on Thursday) and asked the status, to which she replied that they are not able to reach final result to my candidature. I was bit afraid.

Sai Miracles
Sai Miracles

Next Tuesday, I was coming from Baba’s temple, and got call from that HR that I have another round of interview on coming Thursday. I again attended that round and was given an offer 2 hours later. The biggest miracle here is that they selected me out of 3 other candidates who had the same status as mine as somehow I became the first one to attend that final round. Other 2 people were scheduled before me, but Baba made them postpone their interviews and made me the first one. Those 3 people were having settled jobs (I know them personally) and were just trying for another job to have an exposure. Still if they would have been selected, they would have grabbed the offer. So, Baba knows the right time for right thing for each of us. Today I have got the first salary from this blessed job and today only Baba wanted me to post my experiences with all.

Experience-5: I had an interview in which I was 100% confident to get through as they gave me a very good feedback. This interview was held on a Wednesday. The next day I was in Baba’s temple and was in a queue while evening Aarti was going on. I was standing at a point from where Baba’s idol was clearly visible despite of a huge mass of people in front of His idol. I very casually said to Baba in my heart with closed eyes that when will You let me know the result of this interview. To my utter surprise, the next moment when I opened my eyes, I saw the back of a boy wearing a black T-Shirt with a message printed on the back in white colour. The message was “You have lost it! “. I was shocked to see this, for two reasons. First reason, that guy was not there since half an hour since when I was in the queue and second, the rush of people was so huge that nobody’s full back could be visible at all. Still I thought it could be a chance as I was too much sure for a very positive result for that interview. But that’s what Baba’s Leela is: I dint get any calls from them for another week, and I called someone unofficial to get my status known. The status was that I was not selected as they did not agree in the negotiation part. Though it was not a very happy reason but I was still thrilled that Baba told me the next day only. Also, the job that Baba has gifted me now is far better than that job.

Experience-6: One day I was very upset and prayed Baba to show me His presence in person that day itself. I as a routine went to Baba’s temple in the evening and sat there in tears. Pandit ji there was performing some Pooja at that time. I did my routine activities of offering flowers and taking Vibhuti and went to the back side of temple where Dhuni room is there. That room was locked for some reasons. I just bowed there and moved my steps to the exit. Then I heard a voice “Beti, Ruko”(Stop, my kid). I looked back and that Pandit ji came in, opened the Dhuni room’s lock, and placed Vibhuti on my forehead, smiled and went away saying nothing else. I was amazed that he did all this only for me despite many other people were standing there. He again continued his Pooja after this. This was a clear miracle that Baba in form of that Pandit ji came in and proved that whenever we call Him, He comes our way.

Experience-7: I have been to Bangalore and visited a temple near my brother’s house on a Tuesday. That temple has only Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesha and Navgraha idols. Standing in front of lord Hanuman, I prayed to Sai Baba in my heart that how nice it would have been to have Baba’s idols also in this temple. After praying, I moved to the back side of temple where other idols were there. To my utter surprise, in the area where Lord Ganesha’s idol was there, Sai Baba’s 3 small white idols were also kept. I was too happy to see that. But my happiness knew no bounds when next day I again went to the same temple and saw that Baba’s idols were no more there. The reason of this happiness was when I asked Pandit ji as where Baba’s idols were today, to which I was replied that there has never been Sai Baba’s any idol in this temple since it has been originated. I was shocked as I saw 3 idols, touched them too last day itself. He said that might be some kids would have kept those idols and then again taken them away. I was really speechless that I just prayed to Baba to give me His Darshan in this temple only, He came in such a form.

Bottom Line: Have Faith in “SAI” , you expereince his “Miracles”


  1. I am really surprised to read your experiences. I am suffering from various problems right now. Dont know how to overcome it but after reading your experiences i feel good and confident that sai baba will definitely solve my problems.


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