Miracles in my Life – Sai Devotee from Norway

Sai Devotee from Norway says: Om Sai Ram. I am an anonymous Devotee from Norway.  Baba ji came into my life in February 2012. I really do not know how it did happen. I & my younger sister got together in India in February 2012. She was much into Sai & she told me about Sai. We went to Sai Temple in our home town. I felt so much peace instantly. I did not know why Sai ji came into my life. I have always been very close to God, due to inspiration of my dear mother. I used to go to Gurudwara in Norway with my kids and serve there. I used to do charity as per my ability. I did not know a lot about Sai before, but Sai Baba entered in my life like a storm and I started to feel Sai Sai all around me.

My little kids used to sing, “Sai Ve Sadi Fariyad Tere Tai” (A very famous Punjabi Sai song) all days along. I do not know from where they found picture of Sai on internet and they used that picture as wallpaper on my computer. My younger sister told me about this website and since then I start my day after reading these experiences. My sister sent me Sai Sat Charitra and I got the post on Wednesday, while I was about to leave for work. I was so happy. I took the Holy Book with me at work as I work as nurse to care for aged people and I do get lot of free time there. I finished my work and started to read book. I did not understand a lot, but I kept on reading and read a bit next Thursday as well. After finishing 15 chapters I put the book on table of guest room. I did not know about weekly Parayan at that time & I did not have any resolve to read the full book. But as Sai says, ‘God’s plan is always different from yours’.

I go to college every Tuesday and Thursday. Tuesday morning I started my day as normal, made breakfast for family, had breakfast myself, my husband went to drop kids for school, I got ready for going to college, I went outside the house but out of sudden, I started to feel really sick. I called my teacher to inform about my inability to come for class. I came back to home, changed and lay down in sofa in guest room. I was feeling so sick that I thought it could be my last day on earth. Out of sudden I looked at Sai Satcharitra on the table, I picked it and started to read. Despite feeling sick, I kept on reading the book and finished the whole book 11:30 at night. I went to sleep after that. Next morning I did not find any trace of sickness, I was feeling refreshed and healthy. So that was Sai Baba’s plan to make me read the Book in one week.

Sai Vrat Miracle: I came to know about Sai Vrat from this website only. I did not know much about process of Vrat nor did I have any picture or Idol of Sai. I started Sai Vrat to resolve my family problems. Every Thursday I used to do my Nit Name (As per Sikh Tradition), I did not do any special Sai Pooja. Even I used to eat as per normal, but only difference was I did not forget Sai for a second on Thursday. I started to have Sai Miracle on daily basis. One question was intriguing was why Sai Baba? I have always been devoted to Guru Nanak and always felt so close to God, so why Sai Baba now? I called my sister and she said that we must have past births connections with Sai Baba. He must be your Guru in past life. I was okay with the answer. Same night in a dream I saw myself some 200 years ago but in Canada. I was talking to my friend in my home, and then suddenly I came out of house in the street. In the street in one shop there was big picture of Sai. I thought it cannot be true. I passed the shop, but out of sudden I am again in front of that shop looking at Sai Picture. That dream convinced me that I must have Sai connection from past do not know how many births.

In the next couple of days, in market I met my sister in law’s best friend’s sister in law, who recently moved from India. She used to live in Norway but then moved to India as her husband opened business in India. She asked me if I can help her to find a job, as I am famous here with Baba’s grace to be helpful. I asked her to come to our home. She came with CV and application to our home, we were sitting in guest room, she looked at Sai Satcharitra and was wondering how come I being from Sikh family, follow Sai? After listening to my story, she told me thousands stories of Sai Miracles those happened with her, as Baba ji turned her into real Sai devotee with heart of gold. When she was about to leave, she gave me a framed Picture of Sai out of her purse. I forwarded her application to my boss, she got the interview same day and a placement in job, even if her Norwegian was not so good.

Within few days I got a call from one of my second cousin who never called me before, we were talking about all different things, when he started to talk about Sai Baba and how Baba cured his father from Throat Cancer. So Baba made me to glue to His stories from different people and my days started to be full of Sai Name. I have been living in Norway for 15 years. I lived with my In-laws for first 9 years. But when my husband made a new home, due to some reasons, Baba ji made us to move to new home, but my in- laws stayed in old home. My in-laws stopped speaking to me and blamed me for everything, they try to spread bad name for in me all relatives, it did not made me angry, as I knew Baba ji will one day bring out the truth. They never spoke with me, my husband used to go to see them 2-3 times every week, kids used to be with them at weekend. Even kids knew that grandparents are lying.

But one day there was big trouble at my husband’s business. The business is still in my father in law’s name. The problem was so big that it could mean everything would finish. My husband did not come home for 2 days. I do not have anybody else there, so I went to my husband’s uncle-aunt, as they love me lot and they know I am not at fault at all. They said that let us go to your in-laws home. I did not know what to do, as my in-laws never spoke with me for last 4 years & I never went to their home. I prayed to Sai that Sai You are going with me, You are going to question-answer there, I am not going to speak anything. The other thing I thought even everybody knows it’s my in-laws fault, I will say sorry and touch their feet. When we entered their home, my Sai was already there before me. I was stunned to listen, “Sai Ve Saadi Faryaad Tere Tai” (Favourite song of my kids), it was playing on radio, in a very low voice. I felt Baba ji was standing with me, I touched my father’s feet and said sorry and decided not to open any old discussions. As we were talking my husband also arrived, all the issues got cleared.

Then we decided to invite everybody tour home including my in-laws. With Baba ji’s Grace Thursday was suitable for everybody. On Thursday I made many veg and non-veg dishes and there were around 12 guests for my Thursday Vrat Poojan. So this is the way Baba ji accepted my 9 Vrat Poojan, which I still do without a specific Sai Pooja. Dear Sai Devotees, I feel very blessed by Sai as I see Sai Baba in my dreams very often. I have read Sai Sat Charitra so many times by now, doing Sai Vrat, been to Shirdi in December 2012 with my kids, But for the wish I am praying to my Baba ji is still unfulfilled. Please please please Sai Devotees, please pray for my Blissful married life, I am leading this meaningless and hell like married life for last 15 years. I lit jot, Dhoop for Baba and offer water every day, I am giving Udi to my husband for last 2 years, but there is no change in his nature. I have complete faith on my Sai Maa that Baba ji is testing me and He wants me to turn into real gold, by taking out all impurities from me. But as you know it is very hard to pass bad time, moreover I am going under this for last 15 years, Please pray for me. Om Sai Ram


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