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Sai brother Krishna Kumar from India says: I have been a science student with this feeling that God never exist although my parents are spiritual and my father gives spiritual programs, and also it’s only a blind superstition. I was wrong, now that I believe in my God Sai Ram. I believe that I was totally wrong in my thinking. I happened to know Baba only since 7 years through a friend of my. And since 4 years I have been a wholehearted devotee of My God Sai Ram. I chant His Holy name every minute and I have surrendered my soul to Sai Ram. By sharing these experiences I only want a devotee to believe more that Yes, things are possible when you Surrender mind, body and soul to the Lord and believe in the two mantras “Shradha” and “Saburi”.26_12_13_02_35_23_AM603866_522948271095274_591914591_n

It’s my 9th Thursday of ‘Sai 9 Thursdays Vrat’. Thought I’ll share Miracles in My life through this blog, to increase more belief in a devotee and for those who think things are impossible. Before hand I’m extremely sorry for the long narration.

Experience 1. I lost a friend of mine in a car accident 2 years ago. She was my sister, a best friend and just the day before her accident I said her that she’s all I have and need no one else when I have her forbeing the best sister and a best friend. She was a gem among her family, friends and anyone who knew her. She wouldn’t hurt anyone and showed her love towards every person. She too was a sincerer Devotee of Sai Baba. Recently I happened to miss her too much. I was before Baba’s photo and was asking Baba why did he have to take her at such a young age, and was asking Baba how she was and where she was. (At that moment I was on Facebook. I wiped my tears and scrolled down, to my amazement there was this picture of a girl with Sai Baba holding her hand. There were no limits to my joy and happiness, as Baba answered my question with this beautiful picture saying she is with Him. (I’m sharing the picture with you all). “With true Devotion, any person asks for anything, Baba grants it. But He knows better than us when to grant us with boon, and it happens at the perfect time”.

Experience 2. (Udi miracle) I have been going to gym for almost 6 years (but in a year I work out only for 6 months taking breaks for every 3 months alternating). Recently I have started working out and I was supposed to start with less weights since it was my initial days. I did insufficient warm up for the shoulderexercise. I did 2 different workouts with heavy weights (previous workouts were heavy too) and when I came to the 3rd work out while exercising I cracked my left shoulder blade. I couldn’t lift any more weights I left home. It was completely perfect until evening, and I had such a severe pain, was not able to move my hand even an inch. I usually can bear great pain, but this was beyond my limits. It was as if a nail was being poked into my shoulder blade. As time passed by, my mother advised that we went to hospital. Mom started to put hot salt wrapped in a cloth on shoulder to ease the pain. It was of no use. But, whenever I had terrible pain I chanted Baba’s name and the pain would vanish for few seconds. I asked my Mom to get “Udi which I bought from Shirdi” I mixed it in water chanted Baba’s name and asked “Baba Please cure this pain I can’t bear it anymore”. To my surprise the pain was instantly less and till the time I couldn’t sleep but was asleep within no time after taking Udi. The next morning when I woke up my pain was totally gone and my parents were stunned. My Faith towards Baba increased. ”As said the best medicine that I (Sai Baba) left is Udi to cure any Pain”.

Experience 3. Passing a subject. Miracle changed the rules of University. I have always faced trouble from a subject in my 1st year engineering. Though I had chance to write 7 times before getting my final certificate. I flunk 6 times. I went to Shirdi before appearing for the final attempt praying that I need to clear my Engineering within 4 years. The rules of my University till my previous batch were so that 2 subjects can be exempted but the 1st year’s subjects were mandatory to clear. To my batch this rule of exempting 2 subjects was removed. I flunk even in my final 7th attempt to clear the subject with in 4 years (If I exceeded 4 years I’d get extra certificate other than 1 memo). To my utter surprise a new rule emerged in the University that any 2 subjects can be exempted ‘Including 1st year’s subjects’. There were no limits to the Joy that I’ve had seeing this new rule. I thanked Baba for such Bliss. “Do not worry for anything, for everything happens for a reason and the reason being best” I’m a student of Aeronautical Engineering and lost complete hope on my field of interest because of narrow opportunities in this field. By Baba’s grace I got admission into one of the prestigious institutions where I’m pursuing my Masters in Aviation Law. All thanks to Sai Ram. Om Sai Shri Sai Jaya Sai. May there be peace, love and happiness. Jai Sai Ram

Other Miracle :

Anonymous devotee from Singapore says: This incident happened 2 weeks before. I was 5 months pregnant and unfortunately it ended as threatened Miscarriage. I was undergone severe headache and many discomforts during my entire 5 months period of pregnancy. Being first child for woman, I had so much love towards my baby. In fact I and my family decided the name of the baby. I decided to quit my job (because of severe headache / pregnancy sick) and stay at home throughout my pregnancy. But all of the sudden, Immediately after I quit my job, I started getting severe bleeding and part of placenta came out already in my home itself. I and my family rushed to hospital (In the great faith to save my baby). My doctor advised me to have bed rest and we expect everything will be fine. But in the next day, I started bleeding and my water bag ruptured. My doctor advised me to abort the baby and she said that she will abort by giving pills. It was a very painful experience for any woman. I had abortion and uterus cleaning. Though I lost my baby, my headache didn’t stop at all. We went to neurologist to take MRI brain and doctor said that headache will go off soon by prescribing some tablets. So we thought that my worries will disappear and I can be normal and plan for baby soon. But 2 weeks back, I started getting severe uterus pain and spotting. Altogether started getting head ache and neck pain. It turns very abnormal. I tried home medicines to get remedy but didn’t help. The pain was severe and last for 2-3 days. I am afraid to go gynecologist doctor again. I prayed to Baba wholeheartedly and applied “udi” on my forehead and on my abdomen in the afternoon, surprising on the next day morning. I am perfect and no more pain. I should thank Baba for curing me. Baba bless everyone and I am sure he will guide me a good way.


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