My Baba and My Miracles – Devotee from USA

Anonymous Sai Devotee from US says , My Husband and my Son are truly blessed to have been directed to seek baba’s blessing. We came to Baba’s sharan in February 2009 when both of us lost our jobs during recession time and its been just a beautiful and blessed journey since then. We have truly felt His presence in each and every minute, seconds of our lives. HE has held our hands and taken us through difficult times and showed us in every sense that every cloud has a silver lining and HE has a master plan for everyone.
There are too many miracles that we have seen and I would select a couple and mention them here.

1 – As mentioned above when we had lost our jobs, we were suggested to start Baba’s Parayanam immediately and to our utter surprise my Husband got a project in such hard times within the first week of Parayanam. Not only this, because of the new project we were supposed to move to TX from PA and I was feeling sad as I had to move out of my newly bought house. One day I cried a lot and prayed to Baba and then went to sleep…My sincere namaskars to Shri Sai Baba – just when I was about to get up in the morning I could feel Baba in my room. He picked me up in His arms and took me to the pooja room where I saw the “Navarathri Golu” (Idol Exhibition which we keep during navaratris). I was trying to figure out what he was trying to tell me by this..and as you may guess. We were back in PA within three months for a new project just before Navarathri! He is God!

2– My husband has a history of Kidney stones and last month one night he had a severe kidney pain, which was unbearable. That is when I ran to our Baba’s idol and took the Udi and prayed to him with all my heart. I mixed the Udi in water and both of us kept repeating Baba’s name and then my husband drank the water. Heartfelt prostrations to Baba – the pain just vanished as if it was never ever there!

These are just two incidents but as it is said by many Pray to Him with all your Heart and Mind and He Shows you the path.

Our only prayer to Him is to please never ever let us forget You and may Your lotus feet never go away from our sight.

Samardha Shri Sadguru Sainath MahaRaj Ki Jai..


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