My Experience With Sai Maa

Sai Sister Rajeswari Ji from India says: many thanks for this blog. I am Rajeswari from Hyderabad. I am Baba devotee from my younger age, but I left him after some circumstances. Now I am 34 years and a mother of 2 kids and now I am alive because of Sai Maa. He never ever leaves me. From past 3 months, I was depressed because of my mother’s health. She was chronic kidney patient and she has been on dialysis. Because of these situations, I went into depression Sai Baba Shirdi Wale Wallpaper - 12I am unable to perform my household activities. In this situation I came very close to Sai Maa. Amazingly Sai gave me strength to do my family activities even though I feel helpless, hopeless. From past 1 month, I started reading Sai Satcharitra. For the first Thursday, I begged Baba to show me miracle which increases my faith. I asked Him to give UDI and prasadam. On August 1st, I completed my 1st day parayanam. That evening my husband told me that he was coming early to house to buy sweets etc for my elder son’s birthday, which was on 3rd August.

My husband came at 7 pm. We both went to car parking to get into car. There was a pillar nearby our car parking. Our watchman use to keep wrong address letters there. Suddenly my eyes went on letter, which had Saimaa picture. My heart was telling it was for me. When I took that letter, I was speechless and shocked because it came from Shiridi Sansthanam having UDI and prasadam in it. It was not belonged to my apartment people, it belongs to another address. It has to reach before 15 days to that address, but it came to me. Then I realised Baba gives answers for our every questions, but we are not able to listen because of our hurry and having urge for instant miracles. I also ask like that. Baba answers to all my stupid questions, like if all your problems vanished within seconds you don’t know the value of pain and the value of joy and happiness when you overcome from the problem. Only our Saimaa knows what to do, where to do, when to do, and how to do if we surrendered ourselves to Him. Om Sai Ram.


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