My Troubles Ended With Saibaba’s Blessings – Devotee From India

Rani from India says: I am from a middle class family, faced many problems, struggle with life. I am a devotee of Sairam since my childhood, since my graduation started, struggle with the life started, small health issues, and no good company of friends, no concentration on studies. How much I tried hard, but even couldn’t pass the exams. It leaded to depression and I was totally down the nextyears, family issues and many others. But then there was only a ray of hope, as SAI says there is no darkness in my devotee’s life.

Because of Sai Baba, I could pass my exams finally. Before I pass my exams, I fell in love with a guy, whoentered in my life since my graduation. It came the time for marriage and my parent’s were eager to marry me into a good family with less dowry as they can’t afford more. It was with sai’s blessings we both got married as my aunt and uncle came to our house and asked my parents for the match. we were happily married.

After my marriage, again problems started with my husband and his parents. They started demanding dowry. Life was hectic for the next 3 years. I was so afraid even to talk to them. I was totally depressed because a person, who loved me lot and who knows everything about me changed a lot. When I asked Baba, then Baba said It was the result of my past karma deeds. I cried a lot with chanting Baba’s name. All these years, I was reading Sai Satcharitra. That was the only thing I got confident. After 3 and a half year, we had a baby and to my I lost hope on everything. My husband stopped talking to me for the nextfew months. Even I thought of ending my life, but whenever I thought so, Baba stopped me in every way. After few months, my husband realised his mistake and took me to his place (all these days I was with my aunt , uncle’s home).

Now after a series of bad experiences in my life, I raised my inner confidence and I am happy with Baba’s blessings. So many changes came in life, but the main thing always remained with me is my Saibaba. I talk to Him as a friend, not as a God. He guides me all the time like a friend and like a baby. He taught me many things. He lessened my ego. I felt the presence of SAIBABA everywhere I go.

Once during my final year, I had minor health issue. There was a severe pain in my right hand. I prayed to Sai and took my friend to medical hall to get some medicines. While returning from outside, our bike struck in the traffic and a saint dressed like Sai came nearby. I thought to give some coins and tried searching for the change, but the saint raised his hands and blessed me. The green light came our bike ran off the road. I asked my friend did you remember the saint. She said no I never saw a saint there. Then it was a confirmation for me its SAIBABA, who came to bless me. Since that incident my eyes always search for Saibaba wherever I go. SRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI,JAI SAIRAM.



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