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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi , I am from India and I know Sai Baba from the last 6 years. But I became an ardent devotee of Him from 2011 onwards. This is my first post. Sorry Baba for posting this experience so late. First of all, I would like to thanks  for this wonderful service. May Baba bless you and your family. Dear Sai Devotees, please bear with me for the long post

There is a Sai temple near my place. The temple authorities take out Sai Baba’s palki procession every year. They take Baba’s palki to devotee’s house. For that, interested devotees have to give their names to the temple authorities and the blessed devotees, whose names are taken out through draw, Baba’s palki came to their house. This year I have also given my name for the same. But unfortunately, when draws are taken out, my name was not in the list of those blessed devotees, where baba’s palki was going.

I felt very sad and I cried in front of Baba. On the very night, when the results were drawn out, I saw a dream. In my dream, myself, my mom and my aunt went to market to buy Sai Baba’s chola (dress). We chose pink dress with a turban for our beloved Sai. Later my mom changed her mood and selected red colour (chola) dress with a turban. I felt a little disappointed because I wanted to buy pink dress only, but later I agreed when she bought a border for Baba’s chola. The border was in a zig zag shape. She said that Baba will look beautiful in red dress. This was my dream.

In that afternoon, my mother and sister went to market for shopping. On returning from market, my mother told me that she bought a Sai Baba’s portrait. Baba was wearing turban in that picture and the shopkeeper told that he himself will deliver the portrait at our home as the size was very big to carry. It reminded me of my dream and I felt very happy. So I was eagerly waiting when he will deliver the portrait. We do Dhoop (evening) Aarti(at 6pm) of Babaji at our home. At that evening, I told my mom to do Aarti alone as I had to go with my friend for some work. But at 5:30 pm, guest arrived, so I canceled my plan and decided to do Aarti as my mother was attending the guest and was eagerly waiting for the delivery of the portrait.

I made all the arrangement for the Aarti. At around 5:30 pm, door bell rang, when I went outside the shopkeeper was there and he handed over the portrait to me. When I unpacked the portrait, I was surprised to see that Baba was wearing the same red chola with the same border in the zig zag shape and with a turban. Tears started rolling down from my eyes and I did Aarti of that very portrait on that day. Baba’s ways are unique. He knows how to make His devotees happy. And on the day of the palki procession, Baba’s palki came to a devotee’s house in our sector only, close to our house. My mom’s friend called her up, who was along with the palki to take Baba’s Darshan. When we went there, Baba again surprised me, when I saw Baba’s idol in the palki. Baba was wearing the pink dress with a turban and it was the same dress I had presented in Baba’s temple some months ago. My joy knew no bounds. I was crying with joy and was thanking Babaji that He is listening to my prayers. Baba, please bless us all and forgive our mistakes, which we did knowingly or unknowingly in this birth and our previous births. Bless us. Love You Baba . Om Sai Ram Jai Sai Ram.



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