My Wonderful Expereince- Sai Devotee from india

Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram , Once again I would like to thank you very much for starting this blog and for giving everyone a wonderful chance, where we all can share our experiences with Baba. Thanks a ton for posting my experience 2 months back on the blog and making all BABA’S children blissful. I am here again on the lotus feet of my Father with one more recent experience, wherein, I had promised myself that once my wish would be fulfilled I would post it on the blog. As always a daughter of Baba, please excuse me for any mistakes.

We have a land which is worth a lot in the main city. We had all the documents of the land with us. Suddenly Baba made us to think about that land. I didn’t know why? All these years neither my husband nor I ever bothered to see that land as it is inside my husband’s cousin brother’s layout, which we thought very much safe and has the boundary wall also. We started to look out for the builder, who can develop the same. We took out all the documents to pursue the matter and went to the place to look out the land. To our astonishment, our layout has been occupied by some other person. Even my husband’s cousin brother was telling the same to us. His land was safe as he constructed a big shuttle court there. We were shocked like anything as it was our mistake to leave the land like that in the hands of someone. We cannot blame anyone because nowadays everyone is busy with their own schedules and planning. I am once again at the feet of our Father and begging Him like anything as on today, we can’t buy property worth like that. In fact He showed me many positive experiences whenever I visited the temple. He was giving me hint that He never allows His children to suffer. I felt relaxed when I was with Him. But once I am at home again, I use to feel depressed.

My husband requested his cousin for Resurvey of the entire areas for which he agreed kindly. We fixed an appointment on Friday for surveying. But Baba preponed it to Thursday (His day) as the surveyor had some meeting on Friday, which I thought one more positive answer from Him. As planned for Thursday, survey has been done and by this time all Baba’s loving children reading this experience might be knowing what would be the result. The result exactly matched with our land area and my husband’s cousin brother’s area and roads. What he occupied was not at all in our boundary limits. Our land is very much safe in BABA’s hands. My faith in Him is making me to lead life under His shade. Without Him, I AM NOTHING.

I was once again in tears before Baba and immediately thought to post this.

I request all the loving children, please do have faith. Whenever we face with some critical situations, we really don’t even get an answer sometimes. But Baba, our father, is there before us, behind us, in front of us, and in back of us guarding all the time. We have to show Him the gratitude by reading His Leelas, sharing our experiences and following His words to the extent we can. He knows better than us how to drag His devotees closer to Him. He is the ONLY ULTIMATE, who can take out all our miseries from this world.



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