My Wonderful Experiences – Anonymous Sai Devotee From Singapore

Anonymous devotee from Singapore says: I am currently residing in Singapore. I moved to Singapore in May 2013 with a heavy heart and anguish. By Baba’s grace my mental stress andtensions are all relieved and I have posted below only some of the experiences by Baba’s grace (from September 2013 to Jan 1ST, 2014). Will post more in future too by Baba’s grace, Thank you so much for doing this wonderful service to God, which is a platform for everybody to feel his love and grace.

Experience 1 –Saw Baba in TV on my birthday : It was in July and on my birthday. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to a temple that day. My husband took me out for lunch, but my mind was on Sai. In India, whenever I used to think of him when I was feeling low, he always used to appear from somewhere. He always used to give me some messages or assurances, like showing himself in a photo or idol nearby, even when driving I used to feel his presence around. Thinking all this I watched the roads and vehicles in Singapore where I couldn’t find him. We went for lunch and a movie was going on in the restaurant TV. I was not interested much, but while watching it in the end, Baba appeared on the back of an ambulance in that movie. For me it was a blessing from him on my birthday. I never expected this at all, he is really awesome and miraculous.

Experience 2 -Got a message from Baba : It was in September .I was feeling very depressed and wanted to go and buy flowers and small mala’s for Sai idol I worship. While I was shopping for the small mala’s I picked up few and didn’t like them much. While I picked up one yellow beads mala I felt someone nudging me at my elbow and I dropped the mala from my hands. I picked it up and the same thing happened thrice. For me it was like a message from him to buy that mala. And then when I was shopping I found a card right in front of me. I just picked it up and kept it below my purse. I was wondering what the hell I am doing. It was an old calendar card with Baba’s photo on it (Puttaparthy Sai Baba’s picture). But after I came home, behind the card there was 3 messages 1. Do not regret for the past 2. Do not get anxious for the future 3. Accept what is given at the present time. For me this was a big solace to all my questions and grief. I moved to Singapore with a heavy heart and lot of tensions. I have overcome them all with Baba’s grace.

Experience 3- Baba saved my daughter from a mishap: My daughter fell in the bath tub and broke her tooth. But with Baba’s grace I found the strength not to panic and handled the situation calmly. I thank Baba because he has averted some other mishap that was bound to happen to her.

Experience 4- Baba’s UDI cured my daughter’s diarrhoea-My daughter had diarrhoea and was not taking any medicine for it. She is 4 yrs. old and didn’t have any tablet yet, except syrups. I kept her on curds and avoided junk foods for her stomach to settle down automatically. I took her to the hospital on third day, but she said she was hungry and so we came home to feed her some bread. After returning home, she was reluctant to go to hospital and kept saying that she is fine. I mixed Baba’s Udi in her milk and gave it to her. She totally recovered and never had any motion after that. I thank God with all my heart for protecting us in a foreign land (Singapore).Both the incidents with my daughter took place when myhusband was not in Singapore. He travelled to Malaysia on those days. This shows that he is the one who protected my daughter, when she broke her tooth and as a doctor when she had diarrhoea.

Experience 5- Baba planned my Diwali in Singapore: Diwali was approaching and I was feeling very upset about not being in my country and celebrating Diwali. But Baba had other plans for me. He knew my heart ache and planned a wonderful Diwali for me and my daughter. My husband had a project live in office from October last week, so it became clear that he won’t be available too on Diwali. My friend’s sister was in Singapore and they invited us to spend Diwali with them. I made sweets and went to their house for lunch. My daughter enjoyed the company of her two daughters and I felt very comfortable at their place. I saw Baba’s brass idol there and was convinced that this was his planning for me to celebrate my Diwali.
br>Experience 6 Baba saved my daughter from HFMD -My daughter’s school in Singapore was closed for a months. Almost 90% of the children in her school fell sick due to HFMD (hand, foot, mouth disease). It is a very painful infection where kids get very weak and develop rashes all over the body, especially hands and feet. My daughter did not get affected by it. I thank Sai Baba for protecting her from it.

Experience 7 Baba planned a surprise India trip: I went to India with my daughter and had a lovely time with my friends and parents. I told Baba that you planned this trip, so you should be with me everywhere. And he really was with me. When we went to a restaurant, the waiter who served us was wearing a Sai Baba dollar. It was literally that he was watching me having a nice time with my friends. Later when I went to buy a gift, the sales girl also wore a Sai Baba’s dollar. For me, during my trip I felt him nearly everywhere. Even when I slept, near my window outside there was a wooden board with Baba’s picture. These experiences reveal that he really shares our happy moments and guards us when we sleep

Experience 8 Baba planned a surprise India trip-After the India trip my husband was almost bankrupt, literally waiting for the 1st to arrive for salary. He went to casino with his friends and won 2000$. He was so excited about it, but I feel it was Baba’s way of relieving our financial tension. Earlier I read an experience where a person had someone lakh deposited in her account. I doubted it whether it is literally possible, but my own experience proves that if Baba wants to help there are thousand ways.

Experience 9 Saw Baba’s neem tree and padukas in my dream: I dreamt that I was walking on a street and then I noticed some steps down towards a tree. I went to the tree and there was a small temple like structure built. Inside it I saw small silver padukas. I was wondering they are so small like baby feet. I was happy when I woke up, it was a blissful state. But I was wondering and asking Baba I wanted to see you in dream, but I had the feeling the saw the tree where he did penance and was feeling contented. I later read in Sai Satcharitra book that the padukas are kept under the neem tree in Shirdi and Baba himself has said that ‘These are the feet of the Lord’. I feel so overwhelmed that I got the darshan of his feet first and I pledged to surrender my soul at his feet. He is my Sadguru and his feet are my solace.

Experience 10 Baba’s guidance for exam coaching: I am preparing for higher exams but was not sure how to proceed further. But one day with this in my mind I got into a bus. There was a sticker in the bus with his photo and the word Bengal in it. It was some advertisement for some ayurvedic therapy. But the words Bengal and Baba’s picture is showing some hint. I have a cousin in Bengal who has cleared the exam and is working there. I felt happy that Baba is telling me to go to him for guidance, but I was not sure because my cousin wanted to shift with his family to Bengal. It really skipped my mind, but Baba reminded me again not to worry. I called my cousin on New Year and he asked about me exams and he himself told me to come to Bengal for few months to get complete coaching. I feel so happy now and relieved that Baba is taking care of not only my family, but also my career.

Experience 11 Baba’s timely financial help: Once again we were nearly feeling the financial pressure and were waiting for salary and for my husband’s company to clear some bills. We couldn’t pay her fees on time. My husband went to Casino and again won 2000$. The first time when he won I thanked God for the timely help, but also told my husband that this should not be taken for granted. But he went without my knowledge and came home with money. I give all the credit only to Baba who knows everything. My husband doesn’t share much of his finances with me, but Baba knows everything. He didn’t want us to suffer in anyway, so he was with my husband and made him win. We paid my daughter’s school fees with that money.

Experience 12 Baba gave my daughter a wonderful international school: In India I had a lot of issues with my family and maids to take care of my daughter. I pleaded almost everyone to take care of my daughter as I wanted to continue career. My husband was working abroad as a consultant. He was earlier in many projects abroad and as a consultant his work involves travelling to foreign countries every 6 months. I couldn’t leave my house, career, studies and child every 6 months to travel with him. But I had no support from my family to take care of my daughter. But my family was very indifferent to me. I decided to move away from them and I joined my husband in Singapore. With Baba’s grace we are going to stay here for another year. He took care of my feelings as a mother. My daughter is studying in a very good international school and has the best teachers who love her a lot. I don’t have any tensions regarding her here. I thank Baba for understanding the pain of a mother and assure me that I don’t need to depend on anyone to take care of my daughter, except him.< br>
Experience 13 Baba sent me from Singapore to help my friend in India: When I made a surprise trip to India in November, I felt very happy because Baba used me to help my friend from financial debt. I was sent there at the right time to relieve his financial burden. I did not have money, but I helped my friend by giving my gold and helped him take a loan. My friend’s business was in a loss, but I prayed to Baba and he gave me permission to help him. I thank Baba for sending me there and it proves that he knew that only I could really help my friend and sent me to India. My friend called me an angel, but my angel is Sai Baba 

Experience 14 Baba planned another holiday for me in Hawaii: Only from September 2013, I began praying to Baba very sincerely. For me I feel that he is living in this house with me. He knows our innermost desires. I have been married for 8 years, but for the past 7 years I lived away from my husband. Both wanted to have a career, but he has to travel abroad every 6 months for projects. This made it very difficult for us to spend time with each other and also with a child we couldn’t travel much on holidays either. I had an inner desire to visit U.S., but I let it go because I had a lot of priorities towards my family. But Baba knows the heart of everybody. My husband got an award in company to go to Hawaii islands in February. And by Baba’s grace we have made all arrangements for it too. My family never took the responsibility of taking care of my daughter, but Baba work’s on changing the hearts and minds of people. My sister and mother agreed to take care of my daughter in Bangalore and by Baba’s grace my dream vacation is going to be fulfilled.

Experience 15 Baba made my ex-boyfriend apologise to me for breaking up: My ex-boyfriend has always been a big enigma to me. I am happily married now, but he is still single. It’s really amusing because we always happened to be in contact all through these 8 years. But again we used to fight over silly things and I used to swear to God that I am not going to entertain him anymore. The only issue I had with him was his ego. And I never hated him anytime, even for his ego or for the break up. But every time his relation with another girl would end, he would simply drop a mail to me asking if I cursed him? I would then know something has gone wrong again with him and we would casually talk, cheer him up like a friend, give him tips and advices etc, till he found someone else. Baba watches everything and he knew the pain I went through, while we broke up. But I never shared this pain with him anytime. I just wanted to keep it for myself, because I only wanted to love him, not to give an inch of my pain too. Whatever, Baba plans everything so well that this it would make things unbelievable. I moved to Singapore and my ex-boyfriend’s sister lives here. He visited Singapore for vacation and we met here again, as usual after his break up with a girl. And Baba made him realise his mistake of letting me go and he apologised to me. He cried to me, and he said he’s sorry. It’s all because of Baba. Even if it was 8 years later, Baba made him understand that I truly loved him. That’s all enough for me. And this was the one thing I prayed to God, that he should know that I truly loved him.

All these experiences clearly show that Baba knows the past, present and future. He is the real Sad Guru. In fact reading Satcharitra has enlightened me so much and I feel him a lot every day. And the relation I share with him is the best relation I have had till now. As a mother, as a father, as a guardian, as a friend, as a Guru, he is All in one and All in All. Please devote yourself completely to him to feel him and lead a wonderful peaceful and happy life. Om Sai Ram.


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