Mylapore baba temple – Sai Devotee Experience from Chennai

Here is the feel where Baba Wants to turn  another devotee …

Hi,I became frequent visitor to baba temple mylapore only from august last year. When I went in and when I was inside the swarnababa hall at the back end I saw an old man sitting and when I was going near him automatically he lifted his left hand and he was sitting on the chair over there and to my surprise within a fraction of second I opened my purse and I got a twenty rupee note and I gave it to him. I left the place but I realised something different.i felt fully blessed and charged. Om Sri sairam who blessed me.

Bottom Line : First and Foremost You must have the feeling of Sai Baba and trust him..Let  him take to the peak of happiness and Joy..Yes Sai always bless the people when people are with pure heart ,love the the God


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