One of the Experiences I Promised Sai Baba to Share in This Blog -Devotee from USA

Anonymous devotee from USA says: Hello, I always read this forum. The forum and the stories in this will encourage me and give me confidence that our Sai Ram will take care of us at any instant. And according to me it’s true ALWAYS. Let me share my one of my experience about Sai’s blessings. Kindly post this experience in the form. I am not a great writer and since this being my first post apologize if there are any mistakes, feel free to update it.

I am very much carrier oriented. We are a very small family and being the elder kid I wanted to prove and set an example to everyone in my family that studies and focus on carrier will take you to heights. So I always work towards that. I never knew about Baba until I came to Chennai. I got placed in a reputed MNC and I had to stay in a PG (Sai Ram Hostel) as my native is not Chennai. From there on my journey with Sai Baba had started. Owner aunty of that hostel took us to Sai Baba temple one day and I very much liked the temple and I felt so good in my life after going there. It was such a great moment in my life. From then on for everything I get Baba’s blessing to proceed forward. There were lots and lots of up’s and down, but I sailed successfully in all the instances with Sainadh help.

Sai Ram was with me all the time and he helped me to get through things. I specially wanted to share a particular instant that recently happened. At that time I was there in US for about 2 years. Since it was all knew I had to struggle so much to adapt with the things and things were going successful as I had very good name among the client managers. My parents wanted me to get married so they were looking for some alliances. Due to my horoscope reason, things were getting delayed and finally they found someone. He was based in India and I had give-up my onsite/carrier and go back. Though I was hesitant I went back for my parents and got married.

I always believed in Sai Baba and whatever happens in our life it’s all for good. It is so true because I got a wonderful life partner who cares me more than my parents. But at the corner of my heart I still had dreams about my carrier and coming back to USA. My husband was supportive, so I started to work towards that. My visa was valid only for 2 months and I had to travel at least prior a month before it gets expired to save the visa status. Since I came back from my old assignment I had find a new once as soon as possible. I thought it’s all not possible to happen within 20 days. I prayed to Baba to save my visa status.

With Baba’s help and grace there was some sudden opening on some other project and I was the only one selected among many valuable candidates. Since being a MNC, to proceed with a travel we had so many policies which were stopping my travel as everything was last minute. But with Sai Baba’s blessings I had approvals from higher management and I got everything approved within a week. There were so many hard breakdowns and everything got solved so easily with Sai Baba’s help and I came to USA and doing my job well here. Whatever happens in our life is for reason. Trust and keep praying, He will help us at any point. He will never let us down. Complete Faith and Patience is what we require. Rest all our Sai Baba will take care. Believe in Baba, our life will be wonderful. Jai Sai Ram… Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai Sadguru Sai.


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