oum sai ram -Devotee from Malesia

I am Sai devotee from Malaysia..baba always with we and help me…I realize good and bad after get to know shirdi sai baba…my life change a lot after sai came to my life. baba help me be strong and face all problem.i went to shirdi on last year..its a great chance that baba give to me. I never been to overseas without my family…but by baba grace I got chance to go shirdi with my best friend. in shirdi I get chance to sit in sai mandir for doop arti …on Thursday. sai is true guru.who can be any were. now my family looking for me suitable groom. I hope baba will meet up me with my life partner and my prayer is to go shirdi again…thanks to baba for posting my life experience.. oum sai ram.


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