Our Sai Baba Is Very Kind Caring And Loving – Devotee from USA

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear All Sai Devotees, May Baba bless you all. Thanks to this blog  and team for this amazing work. May we all never forget Baba and always remember HIM in our hearts. A miser may be anywhere in this world, but He will always think about His buried treasure. I first visited Shirdi in 1996, and I have experienced innumerable Leelas of Baba. Here I will mention a beautiful amazing Leelas of Baba. Baba always listens, when you talk to HIM.

One afternoon, I was reading a book on Saibaba Devotees experiences by Swami Sai Sharananand. I was reading the chapter about Dakshina & various Leelas relating to dakshina. I was just thinking in my mind that if Sai Baba was alive today, if HE would have been in physical body, then how much dakshina I would have given HIM.

I thought about various amounts & then finally decided that I would have given BABA 500Rs. I would have placed 500Rs at Baba’s feet. Within a few minutes of this thought, I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door. It was the 70 year old man (this person works in a dairy which is exactly below my apartment home). He tells me “I am in dire need of 500Rs. Can you please give me 500 Rs. I will give you coupons total worth 500 Rs, which you can redeem in the form of regular milk purchase”. I was shockingly amazed. The hair on my body stood at end. I readily gave him 500 Rs. I bowed to Baba. Our Baba is simply great. Shri Satchitanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Another Leela, when we visited Shirdi. We wanted to attend Kakad Aarti- 5.15am. To attend, you have to leave from your room around 4.30am. You have to wake up around 3.45am. I know there is no use of putting alarm as you tend to be lazy, put the alarm off & go back to sleep. So I prayed to BABA that HE kindly wake me up & please help me to get up, so that I can go for the Kakad Aarti. I went for sleep. At around 3.45 am, I heard a knock at the door. I neglected it like did we hear any knock?. After some time, there was another knock. This time it was very clear. Both I & my wife confirmed this. Who can it be at this hour- 3.30-3.45am. I opened the door. Shockingly, there was no one outside. Can it be BABA to wake me up? Anyway, we said let’s get ready for the Kakad Aarti, We got ready in half an hour. We were almost ready to leave, when again we heard the knock at the door. This time we see some kids running around. We understand the whole thing. But ultimately it was our Lord Sai Baba’s Leela. It is HIM inside the kids. It is HIS DIVINE PLAY FOR HIS DEVOTEES. JAI SHRI SAIBABA.



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