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Sai devotee from India says: I am currently working as an intern in a software firm. First of all I would like to thank Sai Baba for helping me in posting my experiences I would also request to keep my name and Email ID anonymous. 

My first encounter with Sai Baba took place in the year, 2008. This is when i completed my second P.U.C, with a second class. I was completely shattered during this time as my parents were expecting me to get into Engineering. I came to know about Baba, from my mother’s brother, who is a staunch devotee of Sainath. I got to know about Sai Baba’s 108 names, and Sai Satcharitra. I started reciting, and reading the Sai Satcharitra. Due to some reasons i could not complete the Satcharitra. After a few days i got Baba in my dreams, where i am going behind Him and He is asking me not to follow Him and enter His Mandir. I did not understand what the reason for such a dream was, and neglected it. 

After 4 years, i.e. in the year 2013, i was diagnosed with dengue, and was admitted to hospital. The patient admitted next to me, had a ringtone of Sai Baba’s Aarti song. Then i remembered Sai to cure my disease, which was cured in a matter of 10 days. I visited Shirdi for the first time, as a matter of promise to Sai when i was ill. I had a wonderful Darshan of Sai Baba 3 times, and also got to see the wonderful Kakad Aarti. I am actually in a relationship with a nice boy from past 3 years, who is of my caste, initially my mother was fine, but after my father came to know, he was not willing and my mother also turned against me. My father taunts me every time, saying that you are a silent killer and poison, also he started searching a boy to get me married soon. I was really very depressed and started crying in front of Sai, and a miracle happened. None of the boy’s horoscopes got matched with mine, and my father told me that i will not marry you for one year. I am praying to Sai Baba to make my father accept this marriage, and bless us. Also i completed the Sai Satcharitra within one week. Sainath has also replied positively in the question and answer site, and i see Him in my dreams with a white Kafni and suddenly disappearing. Recently i also had a dream of Sainath’s Samadhi which was fully covered by mud, and lots of flowers on it. Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of such a dream?. I have lots of faith and patience Baba, but please i don’t have anyone other than You, please don’t delay in answering my prayers. Please Help Your child, as i am facing lot of problems, mentally. Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai. 



  1. Sai Baba wish fulfilling Prayer is a Prayer which has fulfilled my every wish. Every time I have performed this Prayer Sai Baba has never disappointed me. All of us perform prayer in different ways but this prayer is quite miraculous if done properly. Whosoever in my circle friends, family etc has ever performed this prayer have got their desires fulfilled. I will post the experiences related with this Prayer later. Today I will share the procedure of this Prayer with you all.


    This Prayer is to be performed for 5 days on a regular basis. One can start this Prayer on any day but Thursday is preferable
    One has to perform this Prayer for 5 consecutive days at the same time in the morning or evening as per your convenience. One has to be very careful with the timings of performing this Prayer because the time has to be same on all 5 days.
    Light 5 lamps( diyas) and 1 dhoop or 2 incense sticks in front of Sai Baba.
    Offer one Fruit to Sai Baba as prasad. Once the Prayera is done, distribute the fruit among family members as prasad. The prasad has to be consumed on the same day.
    Offer one flower at the lotus feet of Sri Sai Baba.
    Chant Sai Baba’s name 108 times.
    Then request Sri Sai to fulfill your desire.
    On the 5th day after completion tell 5 people about this Prayer.

    Don’t change the timings of the Prayer.
    Do Not consume Alcohol, Non-Veg and Eggs for these 5 days.
    I Request all the devotees who are going through a bad period or who want to get a desire fulfilled please do perform this Prayer once with complete devotion. Sai Baba will surely ward off all your difficulties.


  2. Sai baba, I need you badly.Please forgive me for everything wrong i have done. Sai baba, please bless me with A grade in stat602. sai baba, professor mujhe stat602 ke final project mein A grade se pass kar de. please sai baba, mujhe mS ki degree jaldi de dijiye. sai baba, meri madad kar dijiye lease. sai baba, please kropa kar dijiye mujhpe. sai baba please mujhe jaldi pass karwa dijiye. mujhe prof. pass kar de aur jaldi A grade upload kar de.
    mujhe acha insaan bana dijiye please. mujhe maaf kar do sai baba. meri galtiyon ki wajah se aisa hua hai mere saath. please mujhe maaf kar dijiye. please mujhe pass karwa dijiye sai baba. mujhe 4 GPA de dijiye sai baba please.

  3. Baba….Please help me and my family…We have hopes only on you…Me and my sister are in real pain. my sister is leading a miserable married life and I don’t have kids. You are the only one….whom we believe the most and pray the most.Please forgive me for all the wrong that I have done in my entire life. please bless my sister .She is totally devastated and she doesn’t have anyone to share her feelings. please baba…. help us…Your loving hand is required on our heads as blessings… please baba…save us from these problems


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