Please Pray for Me – Sai Devotee from South India

Sai Devotee from South India Say’s:- Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I am from south India. I am a banker. I have so many experiences with our guru Sai. I am very happy and lucky to share some with you. Om Sai Ram First off all I want to thank this blog for giving me an opportunity to share my experiences with our Baba. Sorry Baba that I kept postponing to share my experience like I promised to You. How I became Sai Baba’s fan? In 2007 I went to my uncle home in Chennai for my treatment. One day I was sitting on the couch and I was watching TV. I saw a Baba ring on the table. The moment I saw it I wanted that ring but I was hesitant to ask my uncle, So I just did not ask him. The next day morning  my uncle gave me the ring I was just shocked and got the ring. I felt like It’s Sai Baba blessings  and he wants to come in to my life. This was my first experience.

Sai is my Guide
Sai is my Guide

After I put the ring on I got so many good things in my life. Whatever I wish it had happened because of Sai. I got university  first rank in my mathematics then I got MCA degree though I did not write the entrance properly. I got Third rank in my MCA everything was going really good because of Sai blessings. I never remove the ring though the metal of the ring became dark. In 2010 my life became colourful as I found my life partner  though it’s a long distance relationship I became the happiest girl in the world. Everything happened in my life was really beautiful because of my guru Sai. I am thankful to Sai for everything. From 2010 to now my relationship has both ups and downs but it’s Baba who made us to be together always no matter what happens between us. I wanted to do job in IT field but my family did not allow because of my health condition. For 3 years after my graduation I was not trying any job. Then I wrote bank exam in 2013 and by Baba’s grace I passed the test and interview & got placement next to my home. My life was going good and it was wonderful. Whenever I have problems I just close my eyes and pray Baba. He shows Himself in any form it’s like He is telling why fear when I am here. 

Last month I went through a major problem which leads me to hospitalize for a day. Again Baba helped me through a priest. Because of him I feel relieved. And my family started to stress me regarding my marriage even though I told them “No” for right now. Me and my partner (who is in US) met thrice so far. It was just three months hardly. Right now we are having so much problems. I am too much stressed about it. I have been asking Sai to help me to get me to US. I pray Him every day for this. I don’t why He is not helping in this. I hope He will help me get my visa and go to US for my future. Please help me out Baba I don’t want anything else, just me to get the US visa to be with my partner. Thank You so much Baba for making my life very beautiful and thank You for giving me strength to face all the problems in my life. Om Sai Ram. Baba bless you all.


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