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Please Pray Sai for me – Devotee from India

Sai  Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of Sai Baba after my marriage. But i don’t know much about Baba Leelas, but i used to pray Baba. I never knew about Sai Satcharitra, but i had faith in Baba. Firstly, i started doing Pooja & Fast on Thursdays only. My only wish is for avhealthy baby. I always used to pray for this only, whenever i go to Baba Temple. After marriage also i used to study. I did my degree & PG after marriage. After 5 yrs of my marriage i got conceived but my bad luck, it was aborted. I was so sad. Later we went to USA for my husband’soffice work. We stayed there for a year and then we came back to Hyderabad. Within a month we again went to different place in USA. 

There i met a Sai devotee. She told me about Sai Satcharitra Parayan. Till then i don’t know about Parayan. Then i started doing Parayan. Always my only wish is give me a healthy baby Baba. This time we stayed in USA for 5 years continuously. In that time we took so much of treatments to get me conceived. I conceived 3 times but 3 times it was miscarriages only. I was so depressed. I used to get scared to do Pooja also later, after that we totally moved to Hyderabad with no hopes. After coming to India we struggled a lot. We went to our native place. Everyone used to ask me about kids. I don’t know what to say. I used to cry almost all nights. I asked Baba, why this is happening to me. Everybody suggested me to go to Indian doctors. We were tired of treatments and i left everything on Baba. My only hope is that one day will come, when Baba will definitely help me. After coming to India also 7 months passed like that only. Daily i cried because relatives used to ask me about kids only always. 

Here Baba started blessing me. I met my brother’s close friend’s mother. Aunty is also a big devotee of Sai Baba. She always tells to read Sai Leelaamrut Book. I told her that i don’t have book with me. As i tried so many times to buy a book but i never get book. That thing only i shared with my aunty. Then aunty said, take my book and start to read. But i always forget. I don’t know why i am doing like that. I feel bad and cry. In the month of September, one day i went to Sai Baba Temple. I shared all my things to Pujari ji in front of Baba. He gave me a book of Sai Koti Naamalu. I completed that book and submitted to Baba on Vijayadashami. In the month of November 2013, my brother and his friends took Ayyappa Deeksha. By Baba’s grace i did Pooja along with them. They took Deeksha for 11 days. After that, they went to Shabari for Darshan. 

One day surprisingly that aunty came to my mom’s place and gave Sai Leela amrut Book and she told to my mom to give it me. She told me to start doing Parayan, even after 3 weeks i was not able to start as my mom was not feeling good. Within that time only daily by the end of the day, i get so tired and weak. I thought it was because of house work, after a month my mom insisted me to go to hospital for check up. But i was not at all ready, so i said no to my mom. But daily she was forcing me. By her force one evening i alone went to check up. I gave sample in the lab and was waiting for reply. That time till report comes i keep on praying Baba please help me. And i said to Baba if it is positive i will start doing Parayan. I waited so long for results with so much of tension. Finally with Baba’s grace it came positive. I am so much happy, i called my husband, dad and mom. Everybody is happy. 

Now I am 6th month pregnant. Within this period i have seen so many of Baba miracles. I wanted to share one with you all. My babhi (brother’s wife) is not much close with my parents. Last to last week she did Pooja. She gave Prasad to me, my husband and to my servant. But she did not give it to my parents. That day my mom was so upset she cried in front me. I prayed to Baba. Again when she was doing Pooja, i prayed to Baba that she should give Prasad to my parents also. I was kept on praying. Surprisingly she came and gave Prasad to them also. I was so much happy. Daily i am seeing so many miracles of Baba in my life. 

Last week i went to Baba’s temple and was thinking i should get yellow flower from Baba. Priest did Pooja very nicely and along with Prasad he gave me yellow colour flower. Like this i have so many experiences in my life. Still sometimes i am getting so much tension how things will go like that. My delivery date is on this august. I am so much tensed. That aunty is always supporting me by saying that nothing will happen because Baba came to you. Things will happen only with the grace of Baba only. I always feel Baba only sent that aunty for me. She gave me book and gave so many suggestions how to do Pooja, what are the Prasadam we should offer to Baba. Whatever aunty says i will always follow those as i always feel Baba only suggesting me in the form of aunty. 

Thank You Baba for being with me always. I wanted to tell who ever is suffering like me. Have faith on Baba. Baba will take care of everything. Only thing we should have faith and patience. I waited for more than 10 yrs for His grace. If anything is wrong in this please forgive me Baba. I am Your child and i can’t do anything without Your blessings. I left everything on You Baba. Please save me, my baby & my husband. Please bless me with a healthy baby. Please pray for me for a healthy baby. I wanted to express so much of feelings for Baba but don’t know how to do. Thank You so much Baba for everything. Please be with me bless me with a healthy baby. I wanted to give a name to my baby that starts with Sai only. We will come to Shirdi on 5th month 5 day of my baby. Once again i am praying Baba if anything is wrong with me please forgive me. Please bless me Baba. Sometimes i am getting so much of tension how things will go. Please keep supporting me and bless me Baba. I am nothing without Your blessings. I will share some more experiences after my delivery. Please pray for me. Baba please bless me. 



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