Please Pray SaiBaba for me…m getting divorced.. -Devotee from India

Om Sai Ram… 
Dear devotees, I am in big problem. I am getting divorced.My husband is not ready to live with me.i know i have done big mistakes…and since 5 months m regretting upon them.and feeling sorry and ready to get punished also. but i really don’t want divorce..i just want to keep him happy..just need a chance so that i can give  happiness what he deserved. 
i just want a last chance to make marriage successful. i made mistakes by listening to other people advises and not listening to my Sai who was giving gestures at every moment. i didn’t listen to my parents who are like god to me. i don’t know what happened to me.but i ruined my life and paying for it since 6 months and begging him for last chance.but i have realized everything and he said its too late and not agreeing to spend his life with me. i really love him and after loosing him i realized his value. he is the best person Sai has given to me but i didn’t take care of the precious gem of life. i am in deep guilt and regret and suffering every minute.i really want to give all the happiness what he deserves.he is a nice human being but i only realized everything late and now he is not ready to listen everything and started talking to new girls and his parents also want his second marriages and they have also started showing new proposals. 
My Sai is also angry with me and i know he wants to give punishment to me and am ready to take that also but not divorce.i just want to live with him and ready to do any sacrifice and compromise for him. 
Guys, please help me as i can live without him . he is everything to me and am sure that i have to end my life
Sai is not answering to my prayers because sai is angry with me and he wants to punish me. I am really sorry Sai. Only few days are left for my divorce date. please help me..pls forgive me….please pray for me…


  1. Sai baba i am fed up in my life an you know i am separated from 1 years and living alone in this world. I already applied for divorce this month is the case please i need divorce from him at any cost help me to get divorce as soon as possible and make me the sole object from this life. Sai baba you know how much i love you and without out your blessings i am not doing any thing at all. Please help me to get divorce as soon as possible from him and help me in this mtter to come out from this life. Babaji i love you and please get me soon divorce from him and make me happy in this worls. Then i will come to shirdi to take your blessings after my divorce. Please sai baba i am fed up in this world and in my life. Okay i need to live happily for some more life with your heat felt blessings.

  2. Sai baba i need divorce from him and i want peace of mind also. Please help me to get divorce from him as soon as possible within two to three hearings and make me happy baba. Then i will come to shirdi and take your blessings and i live with you only.

    Please baba help me to get divorce as soon as possible and make my heart not to worry when your are there.


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