Power Of Sai Satcharitra – Devotee Experience from USA

Sai Devotee from USA says:In 2009 when many of the Indians in US were effected by recession and many people were sent back to India and the US consulate was being very strict in giving the work permits to any immigrants from India I discovered a fact that my visa was expired since past 2 years. I was on a dependent visa and due to my ignorance I had not applied for the renewal .I was shocked and when I went to homeland security to report that they asked me to apply soon for a new one or go to my home country and get the stamping done. After considering a lot of options I learnt the best one was to go to India and get the stamping done.

It was a emergency situation where I had to leave the country immediately. But to my case none of the airlines were ready to take me as I had problems regarding the visa. Then I did not know what to do as, if delayed more my situation would only get worse. Then I prayed my beloved Sai baba and started reading Shri Sai Satcharita . On the 2nd day that I started reading Shri Sai Satcharitha my husband gave me a good news that Indian airlines were ready to fly me to India. Even during boarding I was scared if found I would look like an illegal immigrant and I could also be deported. My husband being working in US that would be the worse that could have happened in that situation. But by the grace of Baba no problem occurred and I reached India safely and comfortably.

The main problem was now. In the US consulate because the person stamping will look through the history of my stay in US and my visa status. A week before I went to my visa stamping when we were working on the paper work to be done, required for the stamping and also simultaneously I was reading Shri Sai Satcharitra. One evening my mother –in –law said she wanted to go to Sai Baba mandir and asked if I wanted to join. We took a walk to the temple but as it was late evening they had closed the temple. But we could get a very clear darshan of baba through the door which was some iron grills.

We prayed baba and as Baba says we should not go empty handed but offer dakshina when we visit the temple .We planned to put some dakshina to Baba. But the idol was far from us hence we threw the coins on a slab infront of baba’s idol.Where, they had carved the holy feet of baba. When I put the coin on this slab there was very less chances that the coin will stay on the slab. As it was small in area and the coin would fall down. But when I put the coin it not only fell on this slab but immediately it jumped to feet of Baba’s idol. This was as if there was some magnet in Baba’s feet that attracted the coin. Me and my mother in law were stunned by the way it took its way. It was so not normal. We were so happy that Baba accepted our coin. And not to mention next week when I went to the consulate for my visa stamping there were hardly much questions asked and I got the visa and I flew happily to US to my husband.

One more miracle of reading Shri Sai Satcharithra:

After we moved to the new house that I mentioned above, me and my husband had a good life and one fine day one of our old friends called us and told that they were visiting us that night. They were traveling from California to New York ( ie west coast to east cost cross country )and as we lived in the mid of their drive they wanted to halt at my place for one night in our house.

They were a married couple who were struggling due to recession. They were tired of their job hunt in the west coast and hence they wanted to try their luck in east. They had vacated the house and had packed up their whole stuff and left for new place in search of some job.The wife was a on dependent visa and did not work and the husband was out of job for last 9 months.

You can imagine how difficult it is to live in US without salary for 9 months. They came to my house in the night around 7.30-8 pm. As I was speaking to the wife . I mentioned her about Sai Satcharitha which she did not know .Though she believed in Sai baba she did not know bout the Sai Satcharitha. I told her to pray to Baba right away and start reading the Satcharitha as soon as they get settled into a job and house. She immediate went to my pooja room and prayed in front of baba. And miracle of miracle her husband got a call around 9.pm the same night and had a interview. Which is very unusual to have a interview call that late and the call was not scheduled before either.

Very next day when they were supposed to continue their trip to New york they headed back to California as he got the job confirmed very next day in CA, this was for the same interview that he had the previous night. This was only due to the mahima of Sai baba. Within one hour that she prayed to Baba about reading Shri Sai Satcharitha her husband got the interview call. the thing that they were trying for 9 long months was found in one night due to the grace of Baba. I feel very lucky to have so close to Sai baba. And to have witnessed his miracles. May Sai baba bless all who wishes to walk on right path and follow his Preaching.



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