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Sai Devotee from Singapore Says: Hi,First and Foremst I would like to thank this blog for bringing us this beautiful platform and reading daily the experiences of devotees it only make us have more faith in our Baba. I am from Singapore and this is my second time writing in. I wrote my first own experience and this time I am writing on behalf of one of my friend who is very special to me. My friend has recently been going through a lot of pain in life. She lost her mother early last year, she then had issues with her close family friend who was living with her and she left the house. Within one year and the half she lost her job 3 times and now at present she has no job. Little about my friend,  She is a very nice and loving person. She cares for people more than herself. She is an animal lover and  very fond of them, who will give her life for them. She is a very spiritual person. There is nothing bad I can say about her, well maybe only that she gets angry and has a bit of a temper at times, well guess we all do have this in us.

Sai Baba
Sai Baba

She knew about Sai Baba but never visited the Baba Temple here and one day I took her to Baba Temple  still then she wasn’t too close to Baba but of late I must say that she has been having so much faith in Sai Baba. She goes to the Temple every Thursday now and the closeness she shares with Baba is beyond words. She has placed everything at his holy lotus feet. She is doing the nav guruvar  vrat and reading the Sai Satcharitra book. She has 3 lovely boys (her adorable dogs), they are her family. She only lives for them. She can go without food and not looking after herself but she does everything for them. She is an angel towards animals. She does not have job since 2 months and her monthly expenses are very high, and it’s hard for to mange. She is going through a lot of hardship and pain. She recently went for a job interview, in a very good company, was called 3 times but in the end she didn’t get the job. She prayed and left everything to Baba but I really don’t know why she didn’t get the job when she did so well in all 3 interviews. I still question Baba on this. My only wish and I pray daily that Baba will bless her with a good job soon. She deserves all the best in life and happiness. Please to all my lovely devotees, please say a prayer for my dear friend to be a good job soon, with all your prayers I’m sure Baba will bless her. I hope that one day herfamily friend will come back into a life someone she treasure so much and can’t live without. I might not bring her the happiness she wants but all I can do is pray for her and her happiness. Please Baba bless my dear friend always. Love You my Baba and thank You to all devotees who are praying for my beloved friend.


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