Real Miracles Before & After Baba Physically Alive -Sai Devotees in 19th century

The infinite form of Baba lives forever. He communicates directly to His devotees giving them ‘darshan’ in dreams and visions. Even those who never had any belief in Him. have had His ‘darshan’! Prayers are answered, hopes and wishes fulfilled, sickness and disease cured and all manners of problems solved so effectively that His following continues to multiply. As many as three hundred  ‘Leela’ [miracles] have been witnessed while Baba was alive. Miracles continue taking place after His ‘Mahasamadhi’ as the devotees are reporting them from all over the world. Here  we list just a handful of  significant miracles:

Miracles during His lifetime [Source: Shri Sai Satcharita]

  • The very first miracle observed by Chand Patil: It so happened that on his way back from Aurangabad to his village Patil, found a Fakir under a mango tree who was preparing to smoke a Chillum [pipe] . He saw the fakir thrust his prong forcibly in the ground to get the live ember out which he put on the pipe. Then he dashed the ‘Satka’ [a small stick] on the ground from where water began to ooze. The Chappi [piece of cloth through which smoke is drawn up] was wetted with that. The ‘fakir’ was none other than Sai who was just about twenty years old at that time.
  • Turning water into oil: Once a shopkeeper who used to lend oil to baba for lighting up the diyas refused to do so. Unperturbed, Baba returned to the mosque and kept the dry wicks in the lamps, mixed water in his tin pot that had little oil in it, drank it and vomited it out again. Then he filled the lamps with that water and lighted up the diyas that burnt the whole night!
  • Swinging plank for sleeping: Once a wooden plank of about four feet was brought to Him by one of His devotees.  Instead of putting it on the floor and sleeping, Baba tied it like a swing to the rafter of the mosque with old rags. The rags that were used as ropes were so thin that it was a wonder how they could support weight of the plank, let alone the weight of Baba. Everyone wondered how Baba climbed up and down the plank.  Curious observers kept a watch but none succeeded. At last, one day Baba just broke the plank into pieces and threw it away.
  • Miraculous Yogic practices: At one instance; Baba was seen practicing ‘Dhauti Kriya’ [cleansing process] in an unusual manner. He was seen throwing up his intestines, clean them inside out and dry it on a tree. Baba was even seen practicing‘Khand Yoga’ where he was seen severing His limbs from His body and leaving them separately at different places in the mosque!!!
  • Saving life of a child: Once as Baba was sitting near the ‘Dhuni ‘ and warming, instead of pushing the firewood into ‘Dhuni’, he pushed his arm that started getting scorched. A devotee dragged him back forcibly and asked him why did He do such a thing. . He said, “I am saving the life of a Black smith’s child who just fell in the fire as his mother got up hastily while she was working the bellows of a furnace.” Such was Baba’s care for His devotees.
  • Ordering the snake -poison to vanish : Once Madhav Rao, a devotee of Baba was bitten by a snake on his little finger. Writhing in pain. He came to Baba for help. As soon as Baba saw him he started addressing the poison saying,” Get out at once, climb down and be gone.” Then he advised the victim to keep walking. Thus the poison of the snake was dissipated and his life was saved.

Miracles after His Maha samadhi [Source: -The eternal Sai by Maneey. S. Bangalore, 1997]

  • Birth of a child at the age of 51: [1921]
    Chandabai Borkar 
    who had been an ardent devotee of Baba was next to Him when He breathed His last. She was 48 at the time of His Maha Samadhi and yearned for a child. Later in 1921 a tumor in her stomach was diagnosed when her menstrual cycle stopped and she was advised to go for an operation.  But her faith in Baba was so great that she told everyone to wait for ten months. And miraculously at the age of 51, after three years of Baba’s Mahasamadhi, she gave birth to a son in Mumbai without any medical help.
  • Baba’s help in cure of illness: [1943]
    V.N.Murthy Rao
     of Bangalore suffered from fits for 17 years. No cure or treatment had worked. In  1943, a friend gave him Baba’s Udi, and told him to stop medication and cast all his anxieties on Sai Baba and worship him. After doing so his attacks became milder and he began to get the relief gradually. However his family in the meantime approached some ‘tantriks’ for the cure without the knowledge of Murthy Rao. Due to this, during one of his attacks Baba manifested through him and told his mother,” Why did you go elsewhere? None of my devotees has ever been rejected to feel hopeless. Have patience and he will be cured completely within three to four months” Murthy Rao was cured within that period as told by Baba.
  • Abetting suicide attempt of a saint who was not His follower: [1949]
    In 1949, Shri Shantavanji, a disciple of Ramsharmji was pursuing his ‘Gayatri Sadhana’ on the bank of river Ganga. After 3 to 4 days of meditation, he could not concentrate. Feeling disappointed he decided to commit suicide by jumping into the river. However while chanting the Gayatri Mantra, as he was about to jump into the river, a fakir stopped him and asked him gently the reason. The Fakir’s magnetic words then made him follow the fakir who bought him a train ticket for his hometown. Thirty years after the incident, he was invited to Sai temple in Surat to perform the ‘Gayatri Yagna’.  Since he was not a devotee of Saibaba and had not visited any Sai temple, he mediated as to why was he selected for the Puja. He dreamt of Sai baba who said, “ Have you forgotten me? I saved you before thirty years,” He experienced utter bliss after that.
  • Baba cured an Asthma patient from U.S.A. [1972]
    Dr. C.C. Chang, a professor of Mathematics from California, U.S.A. suffered from Asthma since childhood. He tried all possible treatments but could not manage without medicines after 72 hours of an attack. Once while he was reading ‘The incredible Sai Baba’, He experimented by praying,” Sai baba, If you cure me of my Asthma, I will agree that you are incarnation of God.” Miracuolously a friend’ offered some ‘udi’ when he got the next attack which helped to stop the onslaught of an attack. But since his worry was how to obtain the ‘udi’ he thought of just meditating on ’udi’ every time he would get an attack and gradually the obstruction in his breathing would gradually dissolve and normal breathing would be restored!!!


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