Sadguru Blessings – An Experience Of Sai Devotee

Sadguru Blessings.
Sadguru Blessings.

Sadguru Blessings – Saiba Devite Writes:

Here is one of the the sai devotees expereince about sadguru blessings in her life.

If You believe ,you get without even ask for it !!
Om Sai Ram!!! I would like to share one of my experience as I felt this is the great site to share the divine experiences about Sai or Sai Satcharitra.
I am writing this under the shadow of my Satguru , Without his blessings How can any of my day will be completed.O My Satguru ,Please ,Please Forgive me for all the bad karmas that I did with or without knowingly ,”I am totally depend on you for everything”!!
And Millions of Thanks you and Koti Koti Namaskara for being with me always and saving me from tough times,”You are my only Savior”!!

Here is my Experience!! Please forgive me if I wrote any wrongs /mistakes !

By God’s grace Life was going smooth and happy with two precious gems of my eyes and my beloved husband until the last august 2017 i.e. when my husband lost his job. From that time he was trying hard for other job.After 5 months he got a temporary contract job but still he is trying for a fulltime job.That means If he gets a job we have to relocate where he gets the new job, by leaving our house ,My fulltime job and most important thing is to leave all our friends.Because for us we the family should stay together whatever it matters,First family.!!

I was also looking for a full time Telecommute job from this January 2018 .so That I can move where ever my husband gets a job.And finally that time has come..My Husband got job in Michigan and it is confirmed on May4th and he has to join to that job by last week of May27th.
The discussions started at home about the plans like what should we do now, we have to relocate immediately or will wait for few months and see.I was suggesting the second option because I have not find any telecommute job yet.
But My Husband was thinking if I stay back with 2 kids all by myself ,it will be hard for me as a working mom.So he thought We can drop the Kids in India for summer break(that is almost 3 months,June,July,August) and we can handle the things over here like moving by the time they come back.After lot of discussions ,I agreed to him.

In June My kids went to India, Husband went to his new job.I am all alone in a big 5 bedroom house for the very first time.You guys can imagine how my mental situation was !!! By August I have to quit my full time job that I was doing from past 7 years and go to a cold place like Michigan.I was looking for a job from past 6 months but I did not see any telecommute jobs posted and now I started looking for the jobs in the area where my husband got.But as it is a small place,Not many jobs for my skill set.Those are really tough and depression days I was going through,I was missing my kids really bad since I never stayed a day before without my kids !!

Whenever I feel low and depressed The only thing I do is I just sit quietly and pray to “Sai” because I feel he is the only one listen and do something for the needy.Now I am feeling helpless,really depressed and lonely that I never felt ,crying everyday morning in my Puja in front of “Sai” and decided to do “Sai Satcharitra “Parayanam.

Sai Leela.
Sai Leela.

I started the Parayana on June 7th (Thursday) .When I started I did not even think of any desire like getting Job ,only thing I wanted is just read the stories about “Sai” so that I will feel better.
But this time when I did parayana I was really emotional and crying for each story ,each page ..may be because of the lonely ness I was going through.On the other side I did not stop looking for jobs.
Finally The Parayana has came to the last day ,I did my last chapter on Wednesday June 13th.

On thursday June 14th I checked the job portal to see if there are any telecommute positions available. With SAI’s grace I saw a job posted on (WED day)for my skills that too with Telecommute(Work from Home) option.when I saw the job posting My eyes were filled with happy tears and heart with full of gratefulness!

But I know just applying job it self is not like you get the job!!!

With a strong belief in my Satguru Sai ,I applied and waiting for the reply from them .I got a reply and gave first round of interview on June 22nd and after a week second round was scheduled on July 10th first and later rescheduled to Thursday July 12th.

Between I have decided to resign my job and gave 2 weeks notice as the last working day on July 21st because it is closer to August and have to bring my kids back and move to my husband by the schools begin.Even though I did not get the confirmation on my interview I Knew that I will get it with the grace of my “Satguru”.

Exactly after a week of my interview , again that is the Thursday July 20th evening 4:30 pm I got a call from Hiring manager that I have been selected .That was the movement ,I desperately wanted to run to the lotus feet of my Satguru and surrender myself my soul to Him.After this news I just do not want to stay there in the office though it was my before last working day there.While I was driving home my eyes are flooding with gratitude and humility,I could not even control myself and screaming loudly “Om Sai Ram” !!

With the Satguru grace , I accepted the offer on 25th July…Now I joined my new job and happily living together with my family.

Hey Dayamayi, Karunasagara,Satguru …….My Sai!! Please accept my prayer.

I did not even ask you that I needed the job,but you shown the mercy and bestowed your blessings. Koti koti Namaskaralu swami!!.I May rest my whole life at lotus feet of yours.
People say In the whole universe the person who is more loving and caring is the Mother. But Even the Mother also won’t show the kindness unless you ask for it.But This is Only you and Only My Satguru Sai that pours Kindness and takes care of all!!

Think good,do good,Be kind to others!! Om Sai Ram!!!

Om Sai Ram!!
Om Sai Ram!!

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