Sai Appa Miracles in my Family – A Sai Devotee Story

Sai Appa Miracles.
Sai Appa Miracles.

I am small devotee of Sai appa since 2008. Thanks sai for helping me all through my life. Many miracles sai appa have done in my life. Let me share some of them. By reading my experience sai appa i believe that everyone’s faith will increase one step high.

Sai Appa Miracles # 1:

In 2017 Feb my mother expired, I could not tolerate her death, I was so upset.During that time I don’t have job, money, Heavy financial problem in paying housing loan, my child school fess etc. My husband also have minimum salary. I was fully upset. I prayed before sai appa why my life goes like this. My life was in dark place. After one month with appa’s grace I got one job in a company but with low salary. Unfortunately, I could not continue that job, Again I cried before him. At that time my husband called and told there is a vacant in one company, the I applied with full faith on appa and interview. By that time I was reading sai satcharitra (that should complete in 7 days for job purpose only) on 5th day I got that job. After enters only I came to know that, it was one of the leading tea production company and salary also high as compared with old company. It was almost 3 years completed here.Appa sorry for late posting, forvie me appa. To the truth, what i getting salary now, it will take minimum 5 to 6 yrs to get in that old company.S appa held me lot. Once again thank you so much appa.

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Sai Baba of Shirdi.
Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Sai Appa Miracles # 2:

Same as mine, my husband also don’t have proper job. He also struggled a lot. We were praying to have jobbed permanently, that ok if salary is low.We need permanent job. My husband always says appa will never live us.We both have that much faith on appa. After so many struggles my husband got job now in a leading company.Appa shows his blessing on his job also. Now we both were happy to say to all you sai devotees, we are happy that we both got job with satisfied salary that too in a leading company. THANK YOU SAI DEVA.

Sai Appa Miracles # 3:

As above said, we don’t have proper job, me and my husband total salary itself Rs.20000/- in 2012. On that time we had opportunity to build home. But we both have fear how we can we do it with minimum salary. From that day onwards till this second (Love u appa) appa takes care of building the home, we took grahapravesam and also shifted, now it is almost 5 yrs. Till now we are paying every month loan with appa’s grace. He is fully covered our family with his hands. He protects us every second.

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Once again thanks happen for everything that happened in my life devotees always have faith on appa he will never live us alone. His helping hands always with us. OM SAI RAM.

A strong devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba and rendering some services for devotees by maintaining this blog. You can submit your expereince or miracle with Shirdi Sai Baba. Please share this blog and keep visiting for more Sai Baba miracles. Sai bless all!.


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