Sai Baba Blessed My Brother With A Job – Anonymous Devotee from India

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. First of all, I would like to bow in front of my Baba and pray Him to make me write this experience in such a way that is boosts the faith of all the devotees. He is my father, mother, guru, brother, sister, friend and everything. I am nothing without Him, you are doing an excellent job through this blog and thank you for giving such a beautiful platform. Please do not share my name and email id and keep me anonymous.

I have become an ardent devotee of Sai since last few months. Though I knew Baba since long and visited His temple several times, I didn’t pay much attention (it was a casual visit). I came more close to Baba from February 2013 and got to know a lot about Him through this blog and other resources. Since then, I have experienced numerous Leelas of our Baba, which I can’t explain as I fall short of words. I am sharing a recent experience of mine here.

My brother worked for a MNC for more than 6 years and had to leave the job because of work pressure and internal politics. He had a tough time continuing in that job and resigned it even before he could search for a new one. After resigning the job, he attended a lot of interviews, but didn’t succeed in any of them though he had good knowledge and experience. He was either rejected in the last round or was not given a job suiting his profile. Our whole family was very much depressed since he was of marriageable age as well. All that I could do then was parayan of Sai Satcharitra and praying Baba. 9 months passed and he was still jobless. I asked Baba about my brother’s job through Question and Answers site and Baba gave positive response all the time and said to have patience. Baba also said that 9 people will help my brother in getting job.

I then decided to do Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat with full faith and devotion and also started reading Sai Prerna, writing “Om Sri Sai Ram” 108 times daily and reading “Sai Satcharitra”. After the 2nd Thursday of Vrat (that is, on Friday), my brother got a call to attend an interview. He attended 2 rounds of interview on that day and got through those rounds. In the meantime, I prayed Baba to be with him throughout the interview. He then got a call (on Tuesday) to attend further rounds on Wednesday and by Baba’s grace, he got the job. On Thursday, he got his offer letter with a very good hike (which we didn’t even expect) and our happiness knew no bounds. Baba blessed by brother with a job only after 2 weeks of Vrat.

This experience increased my faith on Baba even more. Baba’s words about “9 people helping my brother to get job” also came true. This is the 9th interview (job) that he has attended through his friend’s reference and got it. Apart from this, I read devotees experiences about getting job (posted on this blog for 2 days in a row) few days before my brother got this job. Thus, Baba gave me positive signs all the time and removed my mental stress. My mother and brother are also devotees of Baba now. I am attaching Baba’s photo, which I have seen in my dream. I had a vision of Baba several times, but I couldn’t see His face clearly. When I prayed Him to show His face, He appeared in my dreams gave me “Custard apple and a book to write “Om Sri Sai Ram” thousand times”.

I would like to tell everyone that, please never lose faith on Baba no matter what the situation is. Baba is the only savior of our life. Please offer two coins (Shraddha and Saburi) to Baba and be rest assured. I am sorry for such a lengthy post. I still feel like telling more about our Baba’s Leelas that I have experienced. I will share them in my next post. Our Koti Koti pranams to Baba. How should I thank You Baba for this? Baba, I request you to be with us all the time and show us the right path. We should not have anything more than You. We should only follow Your words and nothing else. We are at Your lotus feet. We should never ever forget You. Let our faith on You be firm. We should be Your devotees in all the births we take. “Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka, Rajadhi Raja, Yogiraja, Parabrahma, Sri Satchidanandha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki, Jai”.

Sadha Nimba Vrukshasya Mooladhivaasath
Sudhasravinam Thiktamapya Priyantham
Tarum Kalpavrukshadhikam Saadhayantham
Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sainadham


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