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Sai Baba Blessings, Miracles – Devotee Experiences:

Sai Baba Devotee Experience 1 – Sai Baba Blessings:

I always try to visit this site as long as I have time which gives me peace of mind and helping me to move farther on the spiritual journey by reading Shree Sai Baba devotee experience. Thanks for the administration of this website, who is successfully running this site and spreading Sai blessing and message to the millions of devotees around the world and bringing them closer to Sai feet. Sai always bless you and your family for doing this wonderful job. I have done electrical engineering due to Sai Baba blessing. I faced some difficulties especially for completing computer programming classes when I was doing my engineering in Europe. The programming class really gave me a tough time and at some point, I really felt that I might not finish my diploma due to this course. I was not good whatsoever in the programming language, but due to Sai Baba blessing, I successfully completed not only programming but also the entire level too.

Being a student there in Europe, once I lost all my document including my passport, additional important files while applying for the visa. By Baba blessing almost after 6 months, I got all of my records back safely. I never believed that I would get back my document safe after so long time but Baba made it possible. When I applied for USA visa from Europe, the time I had been appealing my student visa extension there in Europe too. I did not have a visa in my passport, it was undergoing to the extension so I thought that I might not get USA visa, Baba again made it possible and obtained a visa to the USA too. That really wouldn’t have been possible without Baba blessing, therefore I realized that with Sai blessing, impossible things become possible. Baba, as You know that my marriage is not happening due to one manner or other so Sai, I am now hoping to get married and settle down my life here. I believe in You Shiridi Sai and You make it possible this too soon. Sai, I am not good in writing so please Sai take my writing and accountable for the mistakes while writing Baba. Thanks, Baba a great deal for your all Your blessing. I am nothing without You. My life is in Your Hand, anything happens in my own life it just happens just due to Your blessing. Please bless all Sai who really are facing a hard time in their life.

Sai Baba Devotee Experience 2 – Sai Baba Blessings:

Sai in his Mandir.
Sai in his Mandir.

Hi everyone, I have already been Sai Baba’s devotee since 2011. I feel all the devotees of Sai Baba are my family members with Sai being our Mother and Father, whenever I browse the experiences. The experiences posted promotes up my confidence and make me feel energetic. I am happy I discovered this blog. I have had several Miracles of Sai. I am posting the recent one.

Experience 1: Since January 2015, I was falling ill very often. I was tired of taking tablets. Again I got a fever in this month and I had an interview in just 3 days and I needed to go to another town to give my interview. I got tensed that I wouldn’t be able to give an interview because of my health and it was my dream job and did not want to miss. I began praying Sai to lower my fever and reduce my cough and cold and took Udi for 3 days. It was a Miracle. Thank You so much, Sai for always being there for us. Bless us always and permit me to chant Your Name till my last breath.

Experience 2: (Continuation of previous experience) I proceeded to give my interview which was on 18/03/2015, accompanied by my parents. I reached there on 17/03/2015, one day before my interview to avoid tensions at the last moment. Since we’d 1 day time we planned to visit nearby historical Temples. The next day, I went to my interview. I was quite apprehensive and had no confidence since I had failed in a series of interview. I used to cry always thinking when Sai will bless me with a great career since I am 2013 pass out and I had no occupation until today. I told Sai that it’s not me who is going to take an interview, however, Sai Himself must take my interview. The interview went on well since Sai was with me. We reached our home. I got my response yesterday and I am pleased to share that I removed interview through Sai Baba’s Grace. It’s not me who cleared but Sai made me clear. I expect to be His daughter. Thank you much for everything Sai. You’re everything to me. You totally altered my life to a much better living.

Sai Baba Devotee Experience 3 – Sai Baba Blessing and Miracle:

Sai is Every Where.
Sai is Every Where.

I myself am a great follower of Sai Baba and this is the first article of mine in Sai Baba Miracles. I am from a family that barely understands Sai and His Miracles. However, I came to know Sai three decades ago during my child delivery. I still do not understand what made to strongly believe Him during my tough and hard (Delivery) times, since I merely understood Him. From then He turned into my Guru, my Family, and my Friend. My baby girl was born on Thursday. I have a powerful divination that my kid has a lot of Sai’s blessings. Her first uttered term was Baba and when we visit the Sai Temples, she will be so excited to see Him and will chattering His title loudly in the Temple (She had been only 1 year old). All others will be watching her with surprise and astonishment. Till date, she prays her Baba for anything she desires. I have experienced Baba’s Miracles in several instances and will discuss here only a single but a Miracle experience.

Even though I am from a financially secure family, my hunt for a job after my marriage was a fantasy to me. I have done my Masters but have no working experiences at all, since I was ideal at home after my wedding but my thirst for a new occupation not to let down. I have been reading Sai Saritham and visiting His Temples regularly and to all of our surprise, He began showering His blessings on me. I got an offer from the USA to work as a medical engineer and called to get a visa interview with my family. I was reading the H1B visa site for few months and came to a conclusion that they find no reasons to deny the visas as well as mine they have a firm reason that although highly qualified they could anticipate a reason behind few years of a gap after my graduation. To our great surprise, the visa interviewer was so friendly and didn’t even ask a single question about my job experience or some other. She simply smiled at my daughter and said your Visa Got Approved. I and my husband were overwhelmed with joy and happiness and within a month, we shifted to the US and I began with my dream here. Now we’re a blissful family and my spouse is searching for a job as well as preparing to perform masters here. We have a solid belief that Baba will help to tackle this and receive my hubby settled soon. I sincerely thank this site for letting me share this experience and see many different experiences created by Baba. Everyone believes in Sai Baba with faith, respect and feel Him as a part of your family and can observe His blessings and Miracles of Baba on you personally. Samardha Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai!!!.

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