Sai Baba Brought Back The Relationship – Anonymous Devotee from Singapore

Anonymous Devotee from Singapore says: I am a medical professional and working in Singapore.  I am thankful to  this blog for sharing my expereince. I am writing my experiences as first time here. You can edit my writing. I am from Singapore. Please don’t share my mail and my name. I am not an Indian as well as Hindu. It means I was not familiar with Gurus or God , whom Indian worship. But I became a Baba’s devotee since last 2 years .

I took an exam in Singapore, which is very important for my life and future. I was stressful. My friend from India told me that he would pray for me in Shirdi. Since I was seeking the help, I requested him to pray Baba for me. I studied hard with all my effort. I got full confidence and strength to overcome that exam. At the end, I passed the exam. I got promoted in my organization. My friend told me to come to Shirdi. It was not easy for me to go. Then I kept in my mind that I will go one day. But Baba brought me to come near to Him.

I got a relationship with a man. He looks a nice person. I like him. But I felt that he had some other relationships. Then we got a conflict. At last our relationship was stopped. He was angry to me because of my words. I didn’t want the situation that someone hated me. I was helpless. In that time, I found this website and read devotee experiences. I tried to find Baba’s temple in Singapore. I went there and bound under Baba’s feet. I sat in front of Baba and cried. I told Him that I didn’t understand your songs or chanting or books. But I trust Baba. But in my mind, I was thinking that I am not an Indian and not sure Baba will accept me as His devotee.

Then I went to the temple second time. In that day, I came down after I prayed in front of Baba and bound under His feet. A young lady wearing Punjabi dress took the lift together with me, when I came down from the Baba temple, which is in 3rd floor. In the lift, she gave me a banana and pointed to Baba. She spoke in Tamil language. I didn’t understand. But what I understood is that the banana was from Baba and she shared to me. I was frozen for a while. I took it and said “thank you” to her. I was so happy in that day. Baba knew what was in my mind and proved that He accepted me as his devotee, His child.
1470349_1399392273637636_1531160061_nAfter I was promoted, I was tension in my work. Whenever I had problem or issue in work, I called Baba. The problems were solved smoothly. I felt that my heart was near to Baba. I stay near my working place. It’s about 10 minutes walk. So I usually go back home for lunch. One day I wanted to test Baba. After lunch, I came back and told Baba in my mind to show His presence. I didn’t see anything except the words “Jesus is the Lord”, which was written on the back mirror of a car. When I turned a block and came out, I saw that words right in front of me. I was thinking that it was not about Baba’s symbols or something related with Baba. It’s related to Christian. At night, I read this website. Someone shared his experience. He said that it’s not easy to see Baba pictures or words in other countries apart from India. But if we see that Jesus or Mother Mary or the word “Jesus”, it represents Baba also. He said that if we see the words “Jesus is the Lord” on the mirror of a car, it is also Baba’s presence. What’s coincidence! It’s really my experience, which I encountered in the afternoon. At night, it’s like someone explained me. Actually, Baba is the one, who clarify with me.

I did Thursday Vrat one round to bring back the relationship with the man I like. I told Baba if he come back to me, I would write my experience here. It is difficult for me to do Thursday Vrat due to working hours and staying with other people. But I finished it. There was no change. But I still pay homage to Baba every morning. I offer my breakfast to Baba before I eat. After eight months, that man contacted me. He sent SMS to me. Our conversation was smooth. I got back the relationship with as a friend. It’s a miracle, which is created by Baba.

I try to go to Baba temple every fortnight. I was busy with my work and tension. One day, I felt I had not seen Baba’s presence for long time. I was thinking that and walking to home. In that time, I saw a tattoo on the back of the neck of a young man walking in front of me. I looked at him curiously. It’s a word. I didn’t know what it meant. I thought it was a strange word and why he got that kind of tattoo. Then after a few days, I saw Baba picture wearing a crown in a website. In the middle of the crown, I saw that word which was the same as the tattoo. Then I realized that Baba showed me His presence. Now I am waiting for the right time, which Baba will arrange for me to come Shirdi.


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