Sai Baba Deveotee Experiences and Miracles

Sai Baba Deveotee Experiences.
Sai Baba Deveotee Experiences.

Hello Sai Devotees, today we are listing couple of Sai Baba deveotee experiences and miracles as it is.

Miracles Sai Baba Deveotee Experiences

Expereince 1

Om Sai Ram , I am vijaylaxmi , today will share my experience how Sai Baba fulfilled my wish , I am working in IT company and my husband also working and he got chance to visit Germany based on work permit for 3 months. So i wanted to
join my husband so applied for Passport and it took more days to receive , in September my husband travelled to Germany and I received my passport and my husband sent all documents from Germany so I applied for Visa and all visa process
done I was happy that I will get my visa and will travel Germany after 10 days I got Visa but it was rejected and that time I visited to my native for Diwali and later once I came to Bangalore I visited visa office I came to know it was
rejected , already my flight tickets were booked only week  left so I was in tension and I thought I can’t visit Germany and  Thursthere butis huge loss of money in cancelling the ticket and one Thursday from heart I prayed Sai Baba and
started reading Sai Satcharitra  and completed within 7 days and got visa in 6th day I was so happy I can’t control myself and I thanked Baba for helping me and now I am in Germany i am sharing my experience love u Baba for helping me
in my bad time please help me in all matters . And i am worried about my sister because she lost her job because of me , Baba please bless her with one good job and one guy for her now she is 29 years old please shower ur blessings on
her also Baba.. love u Baba..

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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles.
Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles.

Expereince 2

I’m a small devotee of shri Sai baba.though, i’m not good in english, I would like to express my gratitude towards him. He is like my elder brother & helped me through all my thick & thin times.Since, i don’t have my own brother, On
every ” Bhai tika ” I give him tika as elder Baba Story 1:
brother..He has been very kind towards me .This is very hard time for me & going though very rough phage of life but still i have faith on him . I hope everything will be fine & he will forgive my bad deeds . I want every sai devotees
to pray for me..Om sri sad guru sai nathaya namh..Om sri sad guru sai nathaya namh, Om sri sad guru sai nathaya namh.

Experience 3

I was not a Sai Devotee before 2 years. One day my Daughter had brought a small photo of Shirdi Sai Bab a for my house. Since then, I had the opportunity of making a pilgrimage to Shirdi two to three times in the last two years. I was
having stress till last week and the stress started coming down now-a-days. With the blissful blessings of Sai babaji, I could come out of the stress slowly. I could see the difference in me now. I am reading Sai Charitra continuously
and also performing poojas to Babaji daily. I have got full faith on Sai Appa that he will make me to come out of the stress fully as like others. I have also gone through the miracles of other devotees and all devotees life has changed
because of Babaji’s blissful blessings. I also pray for getting udhi from his photo which is in my house. This miracle should happen with his blissful blessings.

Expereince 4 – Baba’s divine Udhi relieved me from Severe toothache

Anonymous Shirdi Sai devotee from India says:
I am am ardent devotee of Shirdi Sai baba.Every moment I realise his presence in my life.His blessings are unfathomable.If I write about his divine experiences it will definitely be not less
thank a book.I shall share all experiences one by one.But today I shall share here Baba’s divine udhi’s experience.As Baba’s says that is his orginal from.(Sacred Ashes).

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Since,last few days I was badly suffering from toothache.Sometimes
I used clove oil on my tooth and the pain subsidised for few mins.Then again it occured.From today morning I was badly suffering from toothache , I couldn’t bear it anymore then in the evening I took Baba’s udhi’s and I also put udhi on
the tooth nicely taking baba’s divine name.The minute I put udhi on the tooth,i got relieved from severe pain.I cannot descibe miraculous blessings of baba.I love you Baba.I owe my life to u baba.

Expereince 5 – My life with out Sai is dark

Anonymous devotee from USA says:At first I would like to say thank you to Hetalji for maintaining such a beautiful platform to share all our experiences related our beloved mother,father saibaba.I don’t know where to start and where to
end because you are with me in each and every step.With out you I can’t imagine my life because I faced lots of hurdles in each hurdle you are with me.What I am today is all because of you.I think you are my
everything,father,mother.coming to point I promised to my saima I will post my experience once after completion of my work my husband working as a software engineer in USA.In November we applied for H1B extension with in a very few days
we got Approved document because of your blessings only .On the submission day unexpectedly I studied one of the devotee experiences related to H1B approval I thought it as the good signal the same thing happened in our lives thank you
so much whole heartedly.My family is completely depending on yours blessings.I have one problem relating to my kid when I saw in question and answers site I got positive reply that she will be ok very soon .I have faith on my saimaa.I
will post experience again once it completed.I have one humble request previously I shared one of my experience in August 2018 still it’s not posted .Please post this experience Thanks in advance.Anantha koti Brahanda Nayaka RajadhiRaja
Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidanandha Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki jai aap ki beti mudunuri hemalatha sarvam sai padhaarpanamasthu.

That’s all devotees about Sai Baba deveotee experiences, we will update as soon we receive the experiences from devotees. Please share and post your story. Baba bless you all!.

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