Sai Baba Gifted Me A Great Job – Devotee From UK

Anonymous Sai Devotee from UK says: I have been living in London for a long time and wanted to share an experience when I lost my job and how Baba helped me to find a new one. Due to recession in 2012, I lost my job in an investment bank. I live alone in London and all my family are in India and the US.

I was sick for a month or so in July 2012 and although I was promised that things would be normal at work, I was made redundant during one of those headcount reduction exercises. I was utterly miserable and had lost faith in having any sort of future given my ill health and redundancy. I got calls for interviews from several firms at first but I couldn’t get the job as I was either over-qualified or that the job was a contract one as opposed to my previous job which was a permanent one for six years. In October, the severance pay came through and I found that I could live with it for a few months. That relief was short-lived as I started to realize that the job market was so bad that it might take more than a few months to get a decent job that would pay for my mortgage and bills in the future.

I tried to let out my flat and move in with some friends until I found a job but every time someone came to view my flat, it was very painful to imagine somebody else living in my flat. I never intended to live in my flat forever but I just knew that I wasn’t ready to move out yet. I decided to spend some time away from London during Christmas as there weren’t any job around that time. When I returned to London in January, things didn’t get better. I was so miserable that I thought I would go crazy if something didn’t turn up soon. I was losing hair and weight due to the stress as well. I had a great interview just before Easter in March and was hopeful of the outcome after a long time. But it didn’t work out either! During the Easter break, I applied to a job in another investment bank which was not too different from what I was doing before. Surprise, surprise, I got a call after the holidays. They set up an interview in a couple of days. I had three rounds of interviews and with each one, I felt more hopeful and started to like the job too. I got a reading from the Answer book that I would get good news on Ramanavami day. I waited to hear back on Ramanavami day and finally just before the day ended, I did get a call from HR to say that they are going to make me an offer. After almost 8-9 months, I got a job in a good bank with a pay that was a lot more than what my previous job offered was indeed a miracle. May Baba bless us all, Sai Ram


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