Sai Baba Grace On My Baby -Devotee from USA

Anonymous devotee from USA says: I live in USA.First I would like to appreciate  for providing such a good plotform to share our experiences. I have been praying Baba since I was in school. I have many experiences from Baba. In this blog, I want to share my most important experience. After getting married for five years, I didn’t get a chance to plan for kids. Then I was struggling to get conceived. I was praying Baba everyday and getting depressed. At last Baba showed His mercy and I got conceived. Baba never gave me anything without testing.

When the miracle happened, I was in 5th month. I and my friend planned to go for shopping and she was a new driver. We started in the car. When we are about to reach a signal, it was red and we suppose to take right. In USA, if it is red and if you need to take right then you have to stop, check the traffic coming from left and then you have to take right. As she was a new driver, without stopping and checking the traffic, she just turned right.

Unfortunately one vehicle was coming from left and we had an accident. That car got passed, but to avoid that she took some other way and went through a car dealer shop. Our car passed 3 or 4 cars by hitting.First we were blank and didn’t understand what happened. After getting to know, I was first thinking about my baby. I was shouting ‘Baba nothing should happened to my baby, You must help me’ and I was searching for Baba photo in the car.

My friend got scared like anything and she got down. I was crying and yelling inside. Then the miracle happened. One old man came and opened my side car door. I was crying and he came close to me and took my hand. He said ‘Just relax, nothing will happen to your baby’. I was crying ‘my baby my baby’. He said, ‘you are not breathing common breath’. I started breathing fast as he said. Then he said ‘I am there for your baby, nothing will happen’. Then ambulance came, the guys came to me and started moving me in to the ambulance. I just remember they were asking that guy, how he knows that we are in trouble. He was telling he saw this from across the road. After going to the hospital they did all check up and scanning. Baby was perfectly fine and I don’t even have a single scratch. But our car was damaged like anything (no shape) and the other 4 cars also became out of shape. This is all because of Baba. I love You Baba. You are my dad.


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