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Sai Baba Help:

Sai Baba Help – Devotee Experience No-1:

Om Sai ram to all the devotees. It gives some type of strength and faith to believe in everything that is happening around us. My apologies to Baba for posting my experience so late.

I began believing in Baba at a very young age and since then Baba has let me in each and every step of my life. But I had never thought I would face such mental suffering in my life though I believe in Shirdi Sai very much. I finished my engineering studies and as typical Indian parents, search for the ideal groom started in my house also. Although I studied in co-education I never really liked anyone nor given a single thought about love marriage.

During the hunt for the groom, I met with a guy in my sports practice and we became friends. Meanwhile, we have to understand that we both are the exact same caste and distant relatives too. Things were going well and we had some sort of attraction towards each other. One fine day that he proposed to me. Rather telling him my opinion, I  told him about our orthodox family & especially about my father. My father is a really strict person and things ought to always occur according to his will and wish. After explaining to him all this he assured me that his family could come and convince my father as both the families knew each other well and that I should not stress much about all those things. Our love story began from then onwards and it was like a fairytale.

Sai Baba Original Photo.
Sai Baba Original Photo.

One fine day after praying to Baba, I told my older brothers concerning this and they instantly agreed as they understood them well. Then we talked to the mother and she too agreed but she had been worried about what my dad would say. By gathering all the courage and taking Baba’s name I talked to Dad. Within no time he was angry and blasted out with anger. We tried to convince him but all in vain. He told me to forget the guy. He put a condition that if I continue to love that guy, I must select between him and my family. I felt shattered. I cried like anything. I was neither able to convince my dad nor to leave the love of my life. They told they were helpless and convinced me never to go against my dad. However, my guy handled all this in a very cool way. He constantly assured me that his family could come and convince my father but I knew that my dad would not listen to anyone.

Daily I cried in front of Baba to give me a solution for this. We had Sai Satcharitra and Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat publications at home but I didn’t have a thought to read and perform a pooja. One day while surfing the net I accidentally came across this website and began reading the experiences. Through this site, I have to know how people got benefits after performing 9 Gguruvar Vrat and reading Satcharitra. With all my heart I started performing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat. In the initial weeks, there was no change. I had a strong faith in Baba that some miracle would occur and things will drop in my place, so I waited patiently.

On the 5th week, after performing pooja, I received a call from my uncle saying they all have agreed and would come and convince my father together with my guy’s family. I couldn’t utter a word. My happiness knew no bounds. Tears flew down my anus. I moved to the prayer room, held Baba’s statue and cried like anything. My father was not agreeing to meet my guy’s family. He was not prepared to listen to anyone’s advice. He, in turn, has been mentally torturing me and my mother. Day and night we cried due to which we went into the state of depression. We became weak. We were not interested in any activities. My mom would sit in the prayer space for hours together while I used to hold Baba’s statue in my room and cry. My guy couldn’t see me in this country. He always stood by my side regardless of what the situation was. I felt so lucky as Baba delivered him in my life in precisely the exact same time I didn’t understand why was Baba testing me so much.

As I was reading Satcharitra, I came to understand the reason behind all this pain would be my previous karma. Whenever I asked Baba regarding my issue (Baba’s solutions to our difficulties) I always used to find positive answers. I also used to get Baba’s fantasies in which Baba was giving me prasad, flowers, etc, which doubled my faith which was the one thing I could hope that everything would eventually become fine. Things were slowly falling into my location. My mom’s health and my health improved. Everyone in my family agreed on my marriage except my dad. He told me to wed my man but he wouldn’t come to my marriage. He stopped talking to me. Each and every try of convincing him failed. I begged him like anything but all in vain. Finally, all of my family members told me to proceed. All of the engagement and wedding expenditures were taken by my man’s family. Everyone attended the wedding except for my father and my brothers. Till the very last minute I prayed Baba that my wedding should occur in everyone’s presence but it didn’t happen. Since this day; only my mother is in touch with me and she is extremely pleased to see me living happily with my spouse. It’s been one year and till today they have not changed their mind. But my Baba’s grace I got the best husband and I am happily living with him. Everyone says that I am the luckiest girl who obtained such a good guy and whenever I hear that I feel so happy, at the exact same time I feel unhappy that my father is not willing to watch her happy girl.

Devotee Experience No: 2

Sai is in our Heart.
Sai is in our Heart.

Dear All Shirdi Sai Baba devotees. Allow me to say thanks to all who are reading this exp. I am working as a Senior HR Generalist in US MNC. Sai will call individuals who are coming to Him only. I have started to stay in Bangalore from Past 4 decades. Earlier, I haven’t ever prayed Him in my native. One day I purchased Sai idol small one to gift my intimate friend. We have stopped talking to each other, whenever wanted to give that idol to him. One of PG mate told me, Baba would like to remain with you. I have kept that on my office desk. From the next day he called me personally, again we became friends. Whenever I desired to give any Sai idol to anyone, from the second minute I used to fight with my friend. So I began keeping all the idols at home. Maybe He would like to stay with me. I used to go to the temple. Each time, I used to ask Baba, I will attend all Your Bhajans, all Thursday and will visit Your temple but will need very significantly less, I used to get peace of mind there.

After 1 year, I thought of doing Sai Vrat and started doing that. It had been 6 to 7 week Vrat, But during this time I haven’t wanted anything in Baba, it just came to my mind to perform this Vrat. I received a great offer and obtained a 40% hike in the new job. Then I got little seriousness. My friend gifted my Sai Idol from Shiridi. I have kept That in My native home. Every weekend, I go home and I have begun to handle this Idol as my own kid. Every Saturday, I used to give a tub and keep it in my lap for 20 minutes. I have begun to share each and everything. I used to shout and laugh in front of Him. Our lifestyle was also started to move in a successful way. Within 3 months, I got another job and again there obtained a hike of 50%, This project helped me to build a big house. I am quite happy about this endeavor. Believe me, I haven’t asked this demand also. He’s given me everything.

Now, I have started quickly on Thursday for my younger brother. My Mom got recently admitted to the hospital on Thursday. The doctor wasn’t giving any hope for her and everyone was crying. He will never do bad with me. In life, if we lose something, we will get everything back beside Father and mother. It was a miracle. I used to place my hands on her mind and chanting Sai Baba mantra. Now she is fine. Next day I confronted some personal difficulty, have cried a great deal and wanted to see my Idol at home. I was in night train traveling and the same night I got a dream that Same Sai Baba Idol arrived and He was doing a lot of attempts to make me happy. It was a long dream, I Have seen His complete face. He will just check our patience, But He will never leave hands of His devotees. It’s my real experience. Love You my Baba. I wish to get married, want to get a baby and want to die on Thursday.

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  1. Hi I am Prathima and married for almost 10 years. I am going through lots of difficulities. I am financially stable. But my issue is my husband. It’s been a wrong match I can say. From the day one of myarraiage I am suffering. He is very rude and an abusive to me. I did lot of poojas to secure my life. I have 2 children. I should feel them happy though. I should see thier happy and stable, secure future. But if we keep on quarreling and complaining to each other. It may effect my children. So morning itself.,someone told to become saibaba devotee. Life may go smooth. If anyone here, suggest me, will my marriage life go smoother. am i get happiness , trust in my marriage life. I am making my parents to suffer too. Will they get convince that at least she is happily with her husband. Urging all gods. Thanking you all. Have a nice day

    • Go and visit dattatreya swamy temple in mogalicherla andhrapradesh, near kandhukur its very powerful temple u will feel changes definitely for sure.

  2. Hi Prathima,
    Myself Mousumi. I pray may Baba bless you and your marriage life becomes peaceful and happier with your husband loving and friendly to you.
    Try reading Baba’s Sai Satcharita and visit His temple and surrender to Him. He will surely pull you through all the challenges of life.
    You may also perform Sai Vrat Puja for 9 Thursday and keep Faith and Patience. Baba will surely bless you.

  3. I am married for 26 years, and my husband’s parents lived with us. They caused so many problems that my husband and I are going through a divorce. I love my husband very much and don’t want this divorce. But the husband is not listening to anything. I’m living with my sister. We are in our 60’s. We only have one son. I pray every day for my husband to change his mind. My father-in-law died while we were separated and he was the one causing so much trouble. Now his sister and his brother in law are coming between us because they are after his money. I pray every day that my husband will change his mind. Please pray for me so my family is reunited. Om Sai

  4. I am not able to find a suitable bride even after searching for many years. I feel I deserve better than people I come across. What must I do for Sai baba to help me?

    • Just believe in baba he will do good deed for his children who has deep belief in him. Even me on the same line not able to find a proper groom since many years hope baba will take care everything when time comes.i will be with the rightful person whom baba bless to me.

  5. I am also searching for a husband, at late 40s due to lot of dowry demands, horoscope issues and people consider ladies are servants, although highly educated, humble mentality, I am unable to find a large hearted open minded partner past 20 years. I thought sai does not want me to get married, that’s why I left hopes of marriage and leading a life, but there is regret that I wish there was someone to share life with but it is ok, what can one do if cannot find a man who cannot even respect me as a human.


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