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Sai Baba Helped Me In Finding My Missing Bag!

Sai Sister Shilpa Ji from India says: Hello, I am Shilpa from India. I want to share my recentexperience with Sai Baba. If you feel required, you are free to make changes in the experience. A very big Thanks for bringing Sai Baba closer to us!
I am a true believer of Sai Baba and have many experiences with Him. In fact this is my 3rd posting here. My story is short and simple, but it increases faith of devotees by symbolizing that Sai Baba is with His devotees in every situation of life.

One day I was travelling in Roadways bus with many travelling bags. I had to get down at one particular bus stand after a couple of hours, so I kept my entire luggage with me only near my seat. But one bag, which had many precious and gifted items and a very expensive brand new cosmetic kit was not properly fit in that space. So I kept that bag in upper space luggage and I slept after keeping my luggage safe. After 2 hours, suddenly I woke up and realized that my station has come and I stepped down from the bus very fast holding all the luggage kept near my seat and rushed towards my home.

I reached my home after half an hour and had lunch. After lunch, I thought of distributing gifts and realized my bag was missing. Then I recalled saying that I have left the bag in that bus. Finding a bag in Indian buses is almost impossible and everybody told me to forget about the bag. My husband lost his laptop in such a bus in the same way and after doing so much effort, he could not relocate his laptop. So nobody wanted me to do futile efforts. But I had full faith in my Sai Baba and His mercy. Without wasting my time, I prayed to Sai, requested Him t help me in getting my bag back, closed my eyes and visualized my bag in my hands. That I am distributing gifts to everyone in the family from that bag and I am using my new cosmetics kit. I actually had tears of joy. Then I started from my home to bus stand. I did not even have the bus number.

When I reached there, I inquired about the lost and found department, but I was surprised to know that there was no such department. But people guided me very well and helped me to locate the bus. Luckily, that was the bus’s last stop and it was standing there. But my bag was not in the bus. The bus authority there told me that the bag must be stolen by other passengers in the bus and I should go home. But I had firm faith on universe and thanked universe for my bag. I asked for the driver’s number. Authorities did not have his number as he was a new driver. But I noted down the bus number and came home.

On the way, I prayed Sai Baba for driver’s number and for the news that my bag is with the driver. I located a website of information on the net and called the given number. I gave the bus number to the person I called, and he promised me to find out the phone number of the driver of that bus. After a few hours, I received a call from that person and he gave me the bus driver’s number. By this time, I was sure that my bag is coming back to me. I called the driver and the next thing I heard was “Yes”! He had the bag. He told me to pick up the bag the next day from the bus station. I actually got my bag back within a few hours and everybody was amazed. It had very expensive gift items and some important stuff and the driver could have kept that bag. But Sai Baba granted my wish and fulfilled my visualization. It was all because of mercy of Sai Baba. This could be a very small thing, but Sai Baba took care of my smallest wishes as well. Koti Koti Pranam To My Gurudev Sai Baba.


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