Sai Baba incrsease the faith – Devotee from Australia

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Om Sai Ram. First of all I would like to thank the admin for creating such a beautiful blog. It’s a great platform for all the Sai devotees across the country to share all their love and grace of Shri Sai Baba through their experience. I follow this blog daily. It gives me goose bumps whenever I read the miracles of Our Baba. I am from Australia. I am an ardent devotee of Sai Babasince childhood. I know that He is always there with me in my good and bad times and will continue to be there till my end.

I am going to share my experience that I had recently. I was doing Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat and on the first Thursday of the Vrat, I prayed Baba that before I finish my Vrat You should (Baba) come to my house in the form of Idol or Udi and bless me. I was not sure how this is going to happen but I firmly believed thatBaba will come and bless me. Back in India my dad applied for a job in one of the prestigious company and was waiting for the results. He attended his interview which was on Thursday and by Baba’s grace he got the job. My dad decided that he will visit Shirdi before he starts his new job. He told me that he was going to Shirdi. I told him that I want Udi from Shirdi and asked him to look for a Baba’s Marble Idol and tell me how much it would cost. I never asked him to buy because I know it is not safe to courier any sort of fragile things especially like Idols from India to Australia as they may break. My dad had a great Darshan and returned back and told me that he bought Sai Baba’s Idol and posted it to Australia along with 2 Udi packets. I was not sure whether he did the right thing but was feeling happy.

On the other hand I was bit anxious because I was not sure whether the Udi packets will reach me or not. The custom officers check everything in the customs and might take away the Udi packets thinking it might be some sort of drugs. Before my 7 Thursday, I received my parcel containing Baba’s Idol and Udi. The custom officers didn’t take out the Udi packets even though they opened the parcel and checked. My happiness knew no bounds. I had tears in my eyes. As per my wish Baba Himself came from Shiridi to Australia to bless me and my whole family. He used my dad to full fill my wish. I love You Baba. I am truly blessed. Sakalam Sarvam Shri Sai Natharpanamasthu. Peace to be all. Stay blessed.


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