Sai Baba Leelas and Devotee Expereinces

Sai Baba Leelas and Devotee Stories:

You can read a couple of SAI BABA LEELA’S and DEVOTEE EXPERIENCES.

Sai Devotee Experience and Miracle-1:

Sai Baba Leelas – Allow me, to begin with, my prayers to Baba. Baba has been quite kind to me and has consistently helped me as a loving mom. I had promised Baba that I will surely discuss His miracle with everyone and here I am fulfilling my vow. I ask you to please keep me anonymous.

Baba had blessed me with an excellent job. When folks actually struggle to get one, Baba gave me a task without any issue, and that too in my field. I couldn’t have asked for more. As years passed by and my son began school, I got more serious about my job and began taking more responsibilities. I had been quite content as people began to recognize me and appreciate me to my job. One day I realized that I was underpaid because I never went to my supervisor to give me a suitable pay rise. Each year we’d acquire minimum increments. I had been shocked to know that juniors in my staff were better paid. I was devastated to understand that. I had been quite mad thinking I have always done my job with complete honesty and precision then why is there this discrimination.

My interest to proceed to work stopped because I felt that the provider is using me since I had been taking additional responsibilities. I spoke to my husband he suggested that I need to talk with my supervisor. I wished to find Baba’s permission first and I requested Baba via chits about exactly what if I do. I told Baba that this task is ideal to me in every manner, it’s just they aren’t paying me to get what I deserve. I don’t wish to leave the occupation but please make things better for me personally. I dropped an email to my supervisor and waited for his answer. After a couple of days, I had a word with my supervisor. As usual, he tried to ignore the topic of increasing my salary and pointed out additional ways via which I will increase my skillset, and then he will find out what he could do. I had been quite mad but I never left except. I always prayed to Baba that You’ve given me this work today only You are able to do justice to me and no one else.

Then again I tried to converse with my supervisor and tried to explain to him that I am taking more responsibilities and today I want more wages. Whenever I was able to converse with my supervisor I always utilized to take Baba’s title prior to going for the meeting. Due to Baba’s grace, my supervisor agreed that if I clean that certification he will think about my petition. I was very pleased because this certification was quite a crucial one and if I removed it afterward it will be quite important in my career advancement. From Baba’s grace, I worked extremely hard and gave my best. The test was on a Thursday and I was also fasting on this day. As we all know our merciful Baba I managed to clear the test with flying colors. The sole reason I was angry was that I was feeling that I am not getting justice. The money aspect wasn’t that important but I believed that I need to fight for the right things and hardworking folks ought to have the ability to receive what they deserve. Following this, I was quite hopeful that today great things will occur but Baba had a different strategy and He wished to check my patience. The business was on the decline and there weren’t many running jobs. Finally, the administration decided that there will not be any pay rise this season. I was very upset as I believed all my hard work was wasted and today no one will have the ability to accomplish anything. At this time I got the information that my supervisor is leaving and I firmly believed that today no one will help me since it had been the supervisor just who requested me to clarify that the certification.

Each time I requested Baba questions on Sai’s questions and replies website I got a positive response. Baba’s leelas are outside our range and we could not know why things occur. It was Baba’s grace simply that my faith remained more powerful and I believed that Baba will definitely bless me. Following this, the new manager came and I tried to approach him about precisely the exact same thing, but sadly, nothing occurred. I abandoned everything on Baba and believed that it is Baba’s wish simply to make things happen today, all I could do is my job properly. Baba gave me power and I was just walking on His route. However, Baba never leaves His child like this and one day my new supervisor called me and told me that he’s asked the management to encourage me to a senior role, and then my wages will be revised. I was quite happy since I was already handling the majority of the occupation of a senior position. In my business, one is encouraged to senior function generally after 6-8 years of experience and I just had 4+ years of experience. All this sounded like a fantasy and I had been wondering exactly what this business wasn’t prepared to give me money which I deserved and now they are all set to encourage me to a senior role.

Now I understood why Baba made me wait and why the old supervisor went. Baba just makes sure that His children get more than they deserve. Baba again tested my patience and all of the blessings took a little time. I wished to listen to great news on a Thursday just and yes Baba blessed me on a Thursday and that too in my mother’s birthday. I am certain that both Baba and also my mother blessed me together, as my mother is with Baba only. My travel was tough and filled with struggles but Baba was constantly with me. Through this post, I only wish to inform my Sai brothers and sisters that everything is in Baba’s hands and we ought to only believe in Him with extreme confidence. Baba only tests His children and in the long run, makes everything happy for His children. I cannot thank Baba enough because this is not my achievement it is just Baba’s achievement. Sai is excellent and the pioneer of this universe.

Let Sai Bless Us.
Let Sai Bless Us.

Devotee Experience and Miracles- 2:

I am one of those innumerable devotees of the ever-loving and lovely Baba. I have close to Baba some 10 years back and especially after coming in contact with this site about 3 years back. Today again with Baba’s grace I am going to discuss experiences with the objective of sharing how Baba helped me gain unshakable faith once again, gave me motivation, and came back to my rescue each time, to finally give me the unflinching spirit of Shraddha and Saburi. Apologies Baba for being late, but this was again our superb, most kind, and forgiving Baba’s Leela, and this one week attracted life full circle to me!.

Sai Baba Leelas – I invoke Baba’s aid to help me write these, as I am nothing but incompetent to have those published. The first experience is all about dropping down yourself in front of the better half (fairer half ). The location I hail from does not have some airport nearby; no direct trains either, even though it’s a well-developed town. I had been traveling to my hometown after over 8 weeks, My wife desired 2AC travel reasoning that we do not travel too often whereas I was not too excited. She wanted it as she is carrying; I asked the exact same to our travel agent but didn’t push him considerably. As anticipated he got us seats in 3AC rather than 2AC. My wife straightaway declined to travelling and requested me to somehow explain it to my parents. I checked back with my representative for an update and he then cited charges which my wife repaginated saying that this is not applicable (sounding more educated than the domain expert you see-as it happened to me that point in time). So, I recognized my wife’s suggestion to cancel the 3AC tickets and also to make a new booking in two AC (please be aware that all these were created in Tatkal quota and in no special category)l

Like Baba says, “Watch the divine in the human being. Let’s be humble.” Dropping myself with a serene mind I understood my wife’s concern and asked humbly with my friend representative. It all happened the way it had been destined to be, how it had been advised by my wife (Shilpa). I fell her to my hometown and came back again. Later next week, even once I was supposed to go to my hometown again, I was again confronted with all the joys of Mumbai traffic! The taxi I had hired had the sum total of its amount (plate) since 9. Along the road, I had been stuck in traffic poorly and I was only praying to Baba to make me attain station nicely in time. The taxi even stopped (made to stop) near a local train station and I was even tempted to leave the taxi and traveling via train which was only two stations away from my destination as well as the kind cabbie offered help by even offering me lose money for the sake of getting train tickets quickly but then I took a deep gasp and decided to stay back and then I watched that the local train station receding. However, Bingo! I realized that the destined station nicely in time, boarded the train, and needed safe travel that too within a chair of my choice which made my travel agent too impressed once again with Baba’s grace.

Sai Arrival to Shirdi.
Sai Arrival to Shirdi.

Sai Baba Leelas – The next experience has its crux in Baba’s saying, “I am your servant. And, If you’re able to do something do a little great on other people. “Additionally a bit of: “Be ashamed of your own hatred. Give up hate and be quiet.” It was the 29th Of June 2016, one of those days I’ll ever recall in my life as my boss petitioned me to center and Baba’s faith brought me back from nothing and has now given me the unshakable faith in Himself. When in trouble, run from faith not panic!!” It all began when I (the ego)in my mind; decided to do away with my domestic assistance since I (again the self) was not finding the help to be wanted, as I had been by myself (wife in hometown) and had been thinking to handle the household chores by myself just; which had been motivated by my need to save money. And before I realized that the office, I got a call from my Boss and he began thrashing me to get a loophole that was not intentional and was not a big issue in any way. He used every way (verbally possible) and while writing this it’s occurring to me thinking that it was Baba Himself (like as Baba says,” Do not think that I am consistently calm and quiet. I could be fiery and fierce. I use every way to change you.” I had been thinking to hurt someone financially (intentional or not) with her very own responsibilities which Baba made me realize, as I also got a taste of my own medicine! When I had been going through those lashes, unexpectedly a positive idea entered me (obviously Baba Himself) for the first time in the professional career: “Why Fear When I Am Here? Do not worry, Be happy. Simply chill!” And though I had been getting grilled through the day, in the conclusion of it, I had been gifted with positivity that too in the exact same Boss! Baba taught me exactly what faith is and also the rewards of having Faith and Patience in Baba (anything you would like just ask Baba with faith and patience and no one else, and you’re going to get it!”).

My faith had begun growing. While on leave, I had been asking my co-workers to do some work related to my Boss’s traveling. In the process, we discovered that a massive discrepancy, the origin of which was not understood, and might have levied a hefty penalty on the responsible one if discovered. I had been under intense stress, so were other people, however, this time I had enormous faith in Baba that everything will be alright and no one can damage Baba’s devotee once s/he takes Baba’s refuge. I had been to go office on Monday, I had attained Mumbai on Sunday, had a backlog of 5 days’ experiences to see because I intend to see the experiences of this site each day. I pledged to begin Nav Guruvar Vrat, distributed 5 Dosas to five girls (the Kanjoos me!), pledged to perform Nava Guruvar Vrat from coming Thursday, recalled Sai Sai, Trusted Sai in order to find prayer answered, pledged to run Sai Satsang in my home, pledged to distribute 1000 copies of Sai Vrat Katha to 1000 different individuals, do Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan, Annadaan in Shirdi and Bowed(always do) to His lotus feet and then prayed to have the prayer answered, all basis- that the inspirations gave by Baba in the devotees’ experiences in these 5 days. Bow down to all those devotees in the bottom of my heart after which I moved to the office, still, a whole lot to perform this above but Baba pulled me from this, unscathed. I am submitting these experiences from a cyber cafe filled with Shri Sai Swami Samartha pics along with the men entering here are largely wearing yellow and also have their title as Sai! Similarly, like the aforementioned experience, I had been told to perform a project on certain criteria, one of those parameters which I forgot to crosscheck, I then prayed to Baba, took the Sharan of Bhole Sainath, and today when I verified each of the parameters were nicely in place. Again, Baba spared this idiot!.

My boss was to traveling and there was 5 meetings slot still to be filled, he gave me his tastes. I began calling people, was not getting any accomplishment. Then I moved to Baba’s live darshan, alerting myself to Baba, detached myself in the results (laurels-as Baba states if any idea of pleasure or sorrow comes to you, do not give space to it) of those calls and also prayed deep heartedly because it had been my job to be done (although I am not directly responsible) but still I jumped Baba to the welfare of my Boss and also for that of my organization and lo Behold! I received all of the 5/5 meetings with quite senior executives successfully for coming Monday at this brief notice. Faith and Trust in Baba can make us anything when imbibed with a heart that is pure.

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