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Anitha from India Says:I am devotee of baba from my childhood.He is my father,mother,brother and everything to me.I ask baba everything what i want and he always make me choose the right path in every situation.I am very thankful to baaba and hope he is always with me throught out my life.Now,i want to share one of my experience with you as i promise baba to share this with you.

Almost from 2years i am feeling sick with my irregular periods.By doctors advice i used so many medicines but there is no result and then doctor and some of my friends suggested to take thyroid test.This time i didn’t get period even after 3months then i feel tensed and chant omsairam and i feel baba will surely help me.Then i open baba miracles page and i saw a miracle that some devotee have same problem like me and she is blessed by baba.By seeing that i felt very happy i feel that baba make me to see that post and then i prayed my baba and told to baba that after getting my period i will go to temple and give halwa prasadam to baba and read sai sacharitra and post my experience in this page.
Then i went to hospital doctor gave me some tablets very soon because of baba blessings i got my period.i am very thankful to my baba.Today is the firs thursday after my period so i am posting my experience.There are so many experiences like this which baba gave me.Thank you so much baba and many thanks to this blog founders for placing this page. om sairam!.


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